Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Santa Cruz Singing

Garfield Park Community Church, Santa Cruz, California

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The 3rd annual Santa Cruz All-Day Singing was held at Garfield Park Community Church in Santa Cruz, California. Edward Rice called the class together leading 29b. Dan Harper offered the opening prayer.

In a business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Janet Herman; Vice Chairperson and Arranging Officer—Edward Rice; Secretary—Dan Harper; Treasurer—Mark Godfrey.

Leaders: Janet Herman 276; David Fetcho 87; Lindy Groening 36b; Greg Freed 89; Dave Barber 448b; Mark Godfrey 277; Leah Coffin 160b; Leigh Cooper 142; Erika Wilson 421; Rebecca Edwards 39t; Dan Harper 300; Ruth McGurk 315; Janet Herman 454; Terry Moore 287; Carolyn Deacy 29t; Edward Rice 171; Sue Lindner 217; Susan Fetcho 228; Cecil Godfrey and Leon Godfrey 40.


Dave Barber brought the class together leading 59. Leaders: Leah Coffin 99; Greg Freed 455; Leigh Cooper 153; Erika Wilson 335; Dan Harper 504; Rebecca Edwards 531; Cecil Godfrey 288; David Fetcho 312t; Lindy Groening 431; Terry Moore 430; Mark Godfrey 129; Dave Barber 164; Janet Herman 500; Carolyn Deacy 328; Sue Lindner 192; Susan Fetcho 432; Jane Hancock 354b; Edward Rice 268.


Song selections in this session were from The Shenandoah Harmony (ShH). Terry Moore brought the class together leading 106 (ShH). Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 53 (ShH); Dan Harper 27 (ShH); Erika Wilson 227 (ShH); Leah Coffin 201 (ShH); Edward Rice 320 (ShH); Ruth McGurk 310 (ShH); Susan Fetcho 326b (ShH); Carolyn Deacy 242 (ShH); Greg Freed 69 (ShH); Jane Hancock 60t (ShH); Janet Herman 273 (ShH); Dave Barber 429 (ShH); Mark Godfrey 56 (ShH); Lindy Groening 57 (ShH); Terry Moore 238 (ShH); David Fetcho 278 (ShH); Ruth McGurk 403 (ShH); Edward Rice 404t (ShH). Dan Harper offered a prayer before lunch.


Rebecca Edwards brought the class together leading 37b. Leaders: Lindy Groening 485; Terry Moore 121; Cecil Godfrey 448t; Carolyn Deacy 480; Sue Lindner 318; Leigh Cooper 392; Dan Harper 183; Daniel Steinberg 155; Susan Fetcho 452; Erika Wilson 527; Leah Coffin 173; Dave Barber 272; Rebecca Edwards 517; Mark Godfrey 340; Emily Stone 457; Greg Freed 475; Janet Herman 453; David Fetcho 411; Peter Ross 163b.


Leah Coffin brought the class together leading 28t. Leaders: Carolyn Deacy and Amy Stewart 501; Ruth McGurk and Janet Herman 532; Edward Rice 122; Leigh Cooper and Cecil Godfrey 472; Lindy Groening, Erika Wilson, and Leah Coffin 564; Dan Harper and Terry Moore 84.

In a business meeting, the Treasurer reported expenses had been met, and the Secretary reported at least forty singers, all from northern California, sang eighty-five songs led by twenty-four leaders. Leah Coffin and Erika Wilson thanked those who made the singing possible, and presented a resolution to convene again next year; the resolution passed unanimously.

Janet Herman led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. Dan Harper offered a closing prayer.

Chairperson—Janet Herman; Vice Chairperson—Edward Rice; Secretary—Dan Harper