Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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United Kingdom Shape Note Convention

Woodside Hall, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

September 13-14, 1997

Saturday, September 13

Two books were used: The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and Northern Harmony, 3rd edition (indicated by NH).

Steve Fletcher, last year’s chairman, led song on page 34b. The chair was then passed to Judy Whiting and Sheila Smith who introduced Robin Fox from St. Paul, Minnesota. Robin Fox conducted a workshop and led these songs: 48t, 29t, 82t, 99, 481, 503, 146, 148, 500, 300, 217, and 47b.


The convention was opened by Judy Whiting leading song on page 178. Leaders: Sheila Girling Smith 474 (for Bruce Randall); Bernard Collard 362b; Robin Fox 378 (t? b?); Steve Fletcher 142; Dafydd Charles 186 (NH); Win Stokes and Paul Gailiunas 163t; Katie Shimizu 209 (NH); Nigel Nathan 38b; Larry Gordon 532 (NH); Joanna Warson 117; Bill Holt 112; Pat Stonell and John Stonell 144 (NH); Stephen Biggs and Mick Verrier 124 (NH); Rachel Jordan 40; Vic Gammon and Sheila Girling Smith 186; David Atkin 163b; Sheila Mahoney and Rachel Jordan 24 (NH); Kaiti Carpenter 504 (NH).


Leaders: Bob Parr 475; Shereen Benjamin 107; Dave Townsend 198; Frank Kulash 66; Gillian Warson 361; Alan Creamer and Matt Wojcik 159 (NH); Mandy Townsend 192 (NH); Eric Hildebrant 480; Sophie McDougall 148 (NH); Alan Weeks 315; Bill Meakin and Ian West 324; Dave Richardson 565b; Rosie Setford 56b; Matt Wojcik 158 (NH); Helen Brown 143; Ruth Cooper 344; Mike Hoy 127 (NH); Patty Cuyler 334 (NH); Caroline Humphreys 155; Emily Wells 86 (NH); Sheila Girling Smith 80 (NH). The Saturday afternoon session closed.

Sunday, September 14

Robin Fox led these songs in a workshop: 82 (t? b?), “Hallelujah New” (by Roland Hutchinson), 122, 271 (t? b?), and 81 (t? b?).


The Convention Session was opened by Judy Whiting leading song on page 84. Leaders: Sheila Girling Smith 168; Robin Fox 378b; Ken Baddley 127 (NH); Jackie Patten 143; Mick Verrier 268 (NH); Brian Fisk 503b; Edwin Macadam 497; Paul Sanderson 155; Ba Wheeler 86; Jill Thompson 31t; Katie Shimizu, Larry Gordon, and Katie Shimizu’s Laurieston; Bob Parr 22 (NH).


Leaders: Bernard Collard 49b; Rachel Jordan 206 (NH); Alan Weeks 114 (NH) (for his mother); Ian Ferguson (NH); Ian West 154 (NH); Dafydd Charles and Michael Bloom 76 (NH); John Stonell 134 (NH); Paul Gailiunas 10 (NH).

The Memorial Lesson was given by Bernard Collard and Sheila Smith. Paul Sanderson led us in remembering these people: Len Verrier, Theresa Verrier, Sid Verrier, Terry O’Neil, Kay Chapman, Jane Bristow, Ron Spicer, Belle Stewart, Patricia Jean Cuyler, David Arthur Williams, Dorothy May Curtis Wheeler, Evelyn May Curtis Impey, Masako Shimizu, Evelyn Marsden, Sue Ford, Deirdre Seymour, Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, Henri Paul, Rachel Chaplin, Mother Theresa, Seamus Stewart, Ethel Pegatto, Jethro Entwistle, Alice Entwistle, Sir Georg Solti, Jack Turney, Dot Turney, and Audrey Turner. Bernard Collard led “Relief” (written by Bruce Randall in memory of Chris Whiting).

The Sick and Housebound Lesson was given by Paul Sanderson. Bernard Collard asked us to sing for the return to health of these people: Alicia Baddley, Helen Atkin, Florrie Fisher, Ivan Kingsley Daniels, Gordon Ashman, Caroline Ahearn, James Ashworth, Robert Taylor, William Boaden, and Steve Fletcher. Bernard Collard led us in singing song on page 127 (NH).

The Celebration Lesson was given by Paul Sanderson. Bernard Collard asked us to celebrate with these people: John and June Powell; Ian Ferguson, arrival of first grandson, Callum; Thelma Griffiths, a daughter; Mike and Charlotte Bailey, anniversary; Sophie McDougall, complete return to health; Sophie and Stuart McDougall, third wedding anniversary; Paul and Diane Sanderson, the arrival of Eleanor Mary Grace; Martin and Karen Grime, married yesterday; Stan Hislip, senior tenor of West Gallery Quire, thanks for return to health (at 78) after heart attack; Caroline and Tim. Bernard Collard led us in singing aong on page 130 (NH).

Leaders: Larry Gordon 383 (NH); Mike Bailey 186 (NH); Matt Wojcik 146 (NH); Dave Townsend 87 (NH); Ruth Cooper 200; Eric Hildebrant 299; Helen Brown 352; Bill Holt 269; Mandy Townsend 138 (NH); Dave Richardson 153; Bob Parr 373; Rosie Setford 9 (NH); Sophie McDougall 34b; David Atkin 455; Bernard Collard 66; Robin Fox 300. The convention was closed by Judy Whiting and Sheila Girling Smith leading song on page 40.

Visitors from the United States: Robin Fox, St. Paul, Minnesota; Bill Holt, Watertown, Massachusetts; Bob Parr, Arlington, Massachusetts; Eric Hilderbrant, Watertown Massachusetts; Eric Hildebrant, Watertown, Massachusetts; Frank Kulash; and Larry Gordon.

90 people attended the convention each day.

Minutes submitted by Steve Fletcher.