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Bristol Singing

Shirehampton Public Hall, Bristol, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The 3rd Bristol All-Day Singing was called to order at Shirehampton Public Hall by Barry Parsons leading 176t. Marcos Sullivan offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kate Kirwan 59; Sue Lord 34b; Steve Brett 144; Leilai Immel 49t; Bridget McVennon 88b; Phil Owen 101t; Sarah West 389; Marcos Sullivan 344; Rachel Wemyss 335; Michael Walker 146 (for Steve Atkinson); Leila Gamaz 28t; Judy Whiting 77b; Charlie Williams 99; Fionnuala Kirby and Liam Kirby 42; Toby Goss 288; Susannah Gill 200; Mandy Townsend 318; Crispin Walker 567; Cath Saunt 110; Edwin Macadam 361; Grace Eileen 216; Sarah Hill 127; Nick Hall 515.


Emma Hooper called the class back to order leading 277. Leaders: Chloe Somers 203; Piers Blewett 113; Eimear O’Donovan 222; Ed Johnson-Williams 411; Sheila Girling Macadam 489; Joel Wallenberg 66; Helen Brown 542; Francis Gaskin 487; Vicki Elliott 340; Dave Townsend 273; Leila Gamaz 48b.

The combined memorial lesson and sick and housebound lesson was conducted by Phil Owen. Phil talked about the premiere of Vaughan William’s ‘The Lark Ascending’, which took place in the hall in 1920. The piece evokes images of both war and tranquility. The following sick and housebound were honored: Earlis McGraw, Jeannette DePoy, Geoffrey Reudle, Martin Bloom, Josie Bloom, Stephanie Ramamurthy, Ann Hilton, Adrian Hilton, Jackie Saunders, Brian Mitchell, Ruth Steggles, Karen Turner, Melanie Hauff, Roland Higson, Cath Tyler, B.M. Smith, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, Helen Bushell, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Shelby Sampson, Gordon Hoyland, Lucy Chadwick, Peter Southern, Reginald Brett, Dorothy Allen, and Dave Richardson.

The following deceased were remembered: Steve Atkinson—Mount Sorrel; George Garner—Georgia, USA; Hester Edwards and Robert Dupree—Alabama, USA; Mike Spittal, Gillian Woodward, and Dawn Smith—London; Margaret Owen—Eynsham; Mary Newell—Dalton; Ian Whiting—Barrow-on-Humber; Eileen McDougall—France; Eileen Wilson—Nailsea; Tom Robinson and Jerry Wright—Texas, USA; Caroline Ritson’s mother—Abingdon; Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania, USA; Kath Mountstephen—Kingswood; and Dave Smith—Derby. Phil led 69t.

Leaders: Chris Brown 492; Teresa Maguire 56b; Rachel Jordan 500; Joe Jones 108b; Hannah Land 112; Rebecca Over 397; Ted Brown 111b; Steve Fletcher 315; Elise Cavicchi 299; Ross Harbison 192; Erin Johnson-Williams 532; Eva Striebeck 573; Bryan Seale 387; Alison Brown 180; Kate Coxon 564; Matthew Parkinson 75. The blessing before lunch was given by Leila Gamaz.


Sue Lord called the class back to order leading 288. Leaders: Cath Saunt 327; Piers Blewett 430; Gerben Vos 171; Hauke Grunefeld 472; Lisa O’Grady 491; Kate Coxon 383; Helen Brown 479; Michael Walker 456; Rachel Jordan 269; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 117; Joe Jones 280; Bryan Seale 436; Elise Cavicchi 58; Sarah Hill 434; Susannah Gill 440; Nick Hall 455; Eva Striebeck 379; Eimear O’Donovan 506; Bridget McVennon and Marcos Sullivan 213t; Rebecca Over 380; Hannah Land 91; Ed Johnson-Williams 32t; Mandy Townsend 448t.


Phil Owen called the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: Liam Kirby 232; Alison Brown 228; Ross Harbison 377; Matthew Parkinson and Sam Cole 378t; Lisa O’Grady 278b; Steve Brett 499; Francis Gaskin 141; Steve Fletcher 183; Erin Johnson-Williams 512; Gerben Vos 49b; Sarah West 541; Chris Brown 544; Emma Hooper, Charlie Williams, and Aubrey Hooper 268; Crispin Walker 133; Sue Lord 122; Judy Whiting 208; Kate Kirwan 292; Chloe Somers 209.

Barry Parsons made closing announcements, thanking all those involved in the organization and running of the day, and thanking those who had traveled to sing. Sue Lord reported that ninety-seven songs had been sung by sixty-three registered singers, with fifty-four leaders representing six countries (UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Netherlands, and Peru). Bridget McVennon gave the Treasurer’s report, stating that all expenses had been met.

Barry Parsons led 62 as the closing song. Ed Johnson-Williams offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Barry Parsons; Vice Chairman—Kate Kirwan; Secretary—Sue Lord