Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel, Carrollton, Georgia

August 2-3, 1997

Saturday, August 2

The one hundred forty-fifth session of the Chattahoochee Convention was held at Wilson’s Chapel, near Carrollton, Georgia, on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August. Chairman Sheri Taylor opened the convention by leading songs on pages 39t and 48t. Lonnie Rogers, chaplain, led the opening prayer. Vice Chairman Felton Denney led songs on pages 50b and 28b; Secretary Donna Duke 448b and 101t. Leaders were: Jimmie Denney 313t, 68b; Lonnie Rogers 155, 318; Don Bowen 157, 97; Judy Mincey 34t, 497; Gene Duke 426t, 126; Lisa Webb 477, 542; Charlene Wallace 154, 186.


Chairman Sheri Taylor opened with song on page 29 (t? b?). A short business session was held to elect new officers for the convention. Officers elected were: Chairman -Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman -Jacob Griffith; Secretary/Treasurer—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Committee—Charlene Wallace and Laura Webb; Memorial Committee—Louis Hayden, Judy Mincey, and Jeanette DePoy; Finance Committee—Don Bowen, Phillip Langley, and Lisa Webb; Resolutions Committee—Gene Duke, D.J. Hatfield, and Lee Rogers.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 132, 375; Dan Brittain 472, 209, 387; Jacob Griffith 147t, 171; Jeanette DePoy 436, 77t; Everette Denney 34b, 393; Josephine Denney 32t, 145b; Louis Hughes 347, 282; Carlene Griffin 77b, 270.


Jimmie Denney began the afternoon session by leading song on page 335. Leaders: Rev. Lloyd Toney 43, 100; Lee Rogers 73t, 73b; John Plunkett 220, 53; Richard Mauldin 299, 146; Bobby Bailey 313b, 111t; James Gingerich 475, 454; Dollie Hudgins 51, 82 (t? b?); Laura Webb 66, 163b; D. J. Hatfield 296, 215; Martha Ann Stegar 268, 47t; Dan Bailey 358, 183, 569b; Phillip Langley 168, 300; Bernard Denney 144, 145t; Judy Phillips, Lois Porter, and Charlene Wallace 312 (t? b?), 63; Carol Arrington and Teenie Moody 317b. Chairman Sheri Taylor and Vice Chairman Jacob Griffith led song on page 323 (t? b?) for the closing song.

Sunday, August 3

Chairman Sheri Taylor opened the Sunday morning session by leading song on page 95. Chaplain Lonnie Rogers led the morning prayer. Leaders: Sheri Taylor 131b; Jacob Griffith 31t, 312b; Donna Duke 203, 425; Felton Denney 120, 503; Lonnie Rogers 348b, 222; Lisa Webb 371, 408; Don Bowen 225t, 283; Cathy White 300, 84; Phillip Langley 224, 306; Karen Rollins 143, 34b; Jimmie Denney 61, 63; Gene Duke 176t, 101t.


Vice Chairman Jacob Griffith brought the class to order leading song on page 82t. Leaders: D. J. Hatfield 344, 111b; Carlene Griffin 146, 37b; Denney Rogers 318, 345t; Frances Mary D’Andrea 47b, 106; Doug Ellison 378b, 178; Lee Rogers 515, 415.

The memorial session was conducted by Judy Mincey, Jeanette DePoy, and Louis Hayden.

Richard DeLong led song on page 266 for the following deceased: Barrett Ashley, Betty Womack, Eva Reeves, Clydus Moon, Hazel Cagle, Otis Nall, Ed Latham, Arthur Beckett, Elder Art Godfrey, Dillie Creel Harris, Malone Austin, Charles Daniels, J. T. Conn, Merle Etheridge, Lois Matthews, Vena Holley, Don Johnson, Ewell Nelson, Tina Reid Rogers, Tom Harper, Delta Wootten, Elder Bernard Moon, Mr. and Mrs. Mecia Farbron, Madaline Malroy, Quay Smothers, Sara Duke, Mae Holt, and Sue Porter.

Frances Mary D’Andrea sang for the following sick and shut-ins: Helen Bryson, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, Kim Cagle, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, I. V. McWhorter, Harold White, Mary Frances Daniels, Revy Williamson, Jap Walton, and Chuck White. Jeanette DePoy led song on page 287 for Helen Bryson.


Chairman Sheri Taylor opened the afternoon session leading song on page 86. Leaders: Richard Mauldin 36b, 40; Jeanette DePoy 328, 112; Bobby Bailey 548, 399 (t? b?); Patricia Mauldin 45t, 388; Louis Hughes 480, 290; Naomi Sailors 200; John Plunkett 323 (t? b?), 434; Martha Ann Stegar 59, 155; Nick Griffin 96, 551; Laura Akerman 532, 192; Judy Mincey 474, 475.


Jacob Griffith opened with song on page 127. Leaders: Richard DeLong 123 (t? b?), 275t; Janet Sheppard 384, 114; Becky Hafner-Camp 58, 324; Rev. Lloyd Toney 129, 100; Charlene Wallace 385b.

A motion was made and seconded to enter a business session.

D. J. Hatfield read the following resolution: “Here in this place created especially for Sacred Harp music, we once again join our hearts in fellowship and raise our voices in song. We are grateful to the Wilsons and their descendants for sharing this wonderful chapel and their love for this music, for their generosity and hospitality, and for having the foresight and fortitude to keep this oldest Sacred Harp singing going strong.

We thank all those whose hearts, hands, and voices have made this singing such a joy-those who maintain the chapel, grounds, and facilities here; the officers and committees who keep us singing; those who unfailingly pile the tables high with delicious food; and all those who came from near and far to sing, to listen, and to be part of the Chattahoochee Convention.

We thank all those singers who have gone before us, who embraced us, whether family or strangers, and made us part of their tradition, and whose spirits sustain us still. Most of all, we thank God who sent his showers of blessings down upon us this weekend.

We resolve to meet again for next year’s convention, to fill this chapel with song and to remember these who have given so freely of their hearts and voices. May we give at least a small measure of what they gave to us throughout the years.”

Respectfully submitted: D. J. Hatfield, Gene Duke, and Lee Rogers, Resolutions Committee.

The Finance Committee collected $224.17 over the two day convention. Expenses were $15.00 for food and supplies, $50.00 for minutes, leaving a balance of $159.17 for the convention.

After announcements for future singings, Sheri Taylor and Jacob Griffith closed the convention by leading song on page 62, “Parting Hand”.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—Jacob Griffith; Secretary—Donna Duke.