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Norwich Singing

St. George’s Church Hall, Norwich, United Kingdom

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The 4th Norwich All-Day Singing was called to order by Sophie Sawicka-Sykes leading 30b. The opening prayer was offered by Thom Fahrbach.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Sophie Sawicka Sykes; Secretary—Nic Zuppardi; Treasurer—Dianne Chittock.

Leaders: Dianne Chittock 171; Cath Saunt 48t; Claire Shearman 567; Emma Rock 457; Fynn Titford-Mock 131b; Emily Verrier 40; Toby Goss 288; Mick Verrier 276; Steve Fletcher 228; Teresa Maguire 106; Philip Jacobs 47t; Matthew Parkinson 124; Victoria Timberlake 275t; Boyan Pohl 212; Matthew Robley 49t; Judy Whiting 34b.


Emma Hooper called the class to order leading 178. Leaders: Ann Chesterton and Nic Zuppardi 181; Leilai Immel 213t; Arthur Swindells 327; Adrian McKeogh 274t; Duane Nasis 170; Charlie Williams 430; Eva Striebeck 521; Vicki Elliott 421; Francis Gaskin 130; Kate Kirwan 99; Joe Jones 154; Barry Parsons 336; Ed Paton-Williams 318; Sarah West 444.


Leaders: Samantha Cole 111t; Erin Johnson-Hill 491; Chris Brown 447; Beth Atkinson 111b.

Cath Saunt spoke for the sick and housebound and led 77t for Emma Shorten, John Hopkinson, Zam Walker, Mike Smith, Catherine Harkin, Jackie Saunders, Nigel Bowley, Kerry Bloom, Josie Bloom, Martin Bloom, Phoebe Davison, Helen Bushell, Joni Mitchell, Max Stepanuk, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Daphene Causey, Anne Lloyd-Davis, and Malcolm Craddock.

Emma Rock conducted the memorial lesson and led 131b in memory of the following deceased: Seán Johnston—Tipperary; Brunhilde Laabs—Wetzlar, Germany; Tony Pink—Trowse; Anthony Pears—France; Marko Van Der Horst—Rotterdam; Raymond Hamrick and Joyce Harrison—Georgia, USA; Mary Newell—Dalton; Kate Davis—Dublin, Ireland; Stanly Edwards—Alabama and Oregon, USA; Sarah Hauser—Oregon, USA; Evelyn Harris—Alabama, USA; Danny Arms—North Carolina, USA; Keith Bushell—London; George Reed—Bedford; Jean Ritchie—Kentucky, USA; Packie Byrne—Donegal, Ireland; Evelyn May Quine—Bridgend, Glamorgan; Marjorie Louise Franks—Chandlers Ford; Geoff Thorp—Maulden; Richard Povall—Mikron Theatre Company; Kathy House—Pikeville, North Carolina, USA; Bill Kerridge—London; Rina Rogers—London.

Marjorie Brown led 159. Ellyn Stokes Ross offered grace before the midday meal.


Susannah Gill called the class to order leading 113. Leaders: Cornelia van den Doel and Michael Walker 477 (for the Tylers); Steve Brett 348b; Lisa O’Grady 475; Calum Woods 439; Magdalena Gryszko 480; Thom Fahrbach 507; Alison Brown 176b; Sarah Hill 512; Yotin Tiewtrakul 373; Corrina Frische 142; Sadbh O’Flynn 201; Michael Walker 462; Leah Hearne 187; Andreas Manz 433; Helen Brown 436; Guy Hayes 396; Ian West 102; Joanna Bennett 377.


Calum Woods called the class to order leading 406. Leaders: Ellyn Stokes Ross 107; Amelia Lytton 344; Lottie Sumner and Emily Verrier 146; James Buckley 29t; Scott Lewin 440; Willy Bailey 503; Eimear O’Donovan 460; Ted Brown 225t; Ed Paton-Williams and Erin Johnson-Hill 31t; Julie Russell 30t; Joe Jones and Susannah Gill 354t; Toby Goss and Calum Woods 404 (for their birthdays); Bristol singers 370t; Yorkshire singers 176t; Ireland singers 442; Germany singers 506; London singers 76b; Norwich singers 523 (for Emma Shorten).

Sophie Sawicka-Sykes extended thanks to all those who had helped during the day. The secretary reported that 71 leaders had led 78 songs. Note: The London singers coincidentally selected 76b as the 76th song of the day. Announcements were made.

Sophie Sawicka-Sykes led 62 as the closing song. Calum Woods offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sophie Sawicka-Sykes; Secretary—Nic Zuppardi