Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Goodshaw Sacred Harp Singing Day

Goodshaw Baptist Church,
Crawshawbooth, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The 6th Goodshaw Sacred Harp Day was held at Goodshaw Baptist Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. Chris Brown began the day by leading 34b. Harry Sidebottom welcomed singers back to the church, and offered an opening prayer.

Leaders: Chris Brown 88b; Judy Whiting 569t; Hannah Land 81t; Vicki Elliott 37b; Barry Parsons 42; Cath Ingham 63; Steve Biggs 276; Kate Kirwan 27; Richard Sanner 159; Ruth Steggles 33b; Steve Brett 100; Martyn Boddy 171; Calum Woods 74b; Margaret Gillanders 203; Richard Meyers 314; Ted Brown 101t; Chris Brown 288; Helen Brown 77t; Vicki Elliott 73t; Barry Parsons 460; Hannah Land 392; Cath Ingham 148.


Kate Kirwan called the class together by leading 57. Leaders: Calum Woods 56t; Ruth Steggles 411; Judy Whiting 472; Michael Faulkner 268; Steve Brett 298; Richard Sanner 143; Barry Parsons 313t; Margaret Gillanders 142; Martyn Boddy 34t; Helen Brown 187; Richard Meyers 350; Steve Biggs 49b; Ted Brown 546; Hannah Land 318; Cath Ingham 155; Vicki Elliott 290; Chris Brown 108b. Richard Sanner gave thanks for the noon meal.


Calum Woods called the class back to order and led 480. Leaders: Steve Brett 530; Ruth Steggles 535; Margaret Gillanders 542; Rosalind Woods 49t; Richard Meyers 198; Cath Ingham 282; Michael Faulkner 178; Helen Brown 517; Hannah Land 220.

Arja Copperwheat spoke for the following sick and housebound: John Hopkinson, Anne Lloyd-Davis, Steve Harrison, Dave Kidman, Connor McDougall, Emily Morris, Alan Bown, Sister Pippa, Abi Halliday, Harry Cowking, and Marilyn Faulkner. For them, she and Calum Woods led 68b.

John Copperwheat conducted the memorial lesson and read the following names of the deceased: Kate Davis-Dublin; Mary Newell-Dalton; Cyril Guy-Llangybi; Raymond Hamrick and Joyce Harrison-Georgia, USA; Geoffrey Nathu-Essex; Billie Stanward and Lorna Redfern-Oldham; John Selvey-Derby; Nick Dane-Manchester. John led 347 in their memory.

Leaders: Chris Brown 479; Judy Whiting 492; Richard Sanner 523; Steve Biggs 515.


Vicki Elliott called the class to order leading 39t. Leaders: Sam Cole 111b; Ted Brown 303; Martyn Boddy 505; Kate Kirwan 292; Richard Meyers 73b; Ruth Steggles 89; Barry Parsons 192; Steve Biggs 45t; Helen Brown 225t; Steve Brett 111t; Calum Woods 348b; Judy Whiting 150; Richard Sanner 277; Margaret Gillanders 564.

Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 521 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Brown; Secretary—Cath Ingham