Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oslo Sacred Harp Singing

Uranienborgveien 2, Oslo, Norway

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The first Oslo Sacred Harp All-Day singing was called to order by Michael Walker leading 31t. Paul Kirby welcomed the class to Norway, and introduced Michael Walker of London, U.K., as the singing school teacher. Michael gave an overview of the sound and style of Sacred Harp singing, and introduced the major scale by having the class sing the tenor line of 162. Next, Michael emphasized the importance of time, and the class sang 45t, 82t, 111b, and 270. Michael gave a brief background on some of the tune sources, and then introduced the minor scale, using 39t as an example. Michael led 209 to explain and demonstrate the concept of fuging tunes. To demonstrate the first and second modes of compound time, Michael led 146 and 134 respectively. Michael then invited all first time Scared Harp attendees to join him in the hollow square, and the class sang 457. The singing school was closed with singing from page 445. Chaplain Zach Lindahl offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Paul Kirby called the class back to order leading 46. Leaders: Paul Kirby 89; Steve Helwig 117; Gosia Perycz 547; Zack Lindahl 65; Sarah West 106; Elin Marie Strand and Paul Kirby 335; Eva Striebeck 171; Heather Thompson 163b; Matthew Robley-Siemonsma 105; Ruth McNamara 38b; Edmund Richardson 351; Geoff Grainger 143; Chris Brown 77t; Andreas Manz 35; Bryan Seale 196; Michael Walker 182; Cath Saunt 48t; Amanda Parks 426b; Sinead Hanrahan 475; Beth Atkinson 73t; Judy Whiting 503; Pauline Hyde 63.


Paul Kirby called the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Steve Helwig 294; Chris Brown 313b; Edmund Richardson 310; Michael Walker 507; Sinead Hanrahan 500; Jessica Sligter 480; Bryan Seale 217; Ruth McNamara 49b; Judy Whiting 441; Amanda Parks 428; Geoff Grainger 523; Pauline Hyde 425; Heather Thompson 146; Zack Lindahl 282; Andreas Manz 350; Cath Saunt 276; Gosia Perycz and Sarah West 272; Matthew Robley-Siemonsma, Eva Striebeck, and Beth Atkinson 344.

A business meeting was held in which it was reported that attendance for the first Oslo all-day singing included singers from 8 countries: Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and the United States. Organizers of the three socials and the two additional outreach singings over the weekend were thanked. Recognition was given to Jessica Sligter and Oskar Kvasnes for their organizational skills in making the weekend a great success. The business meeting was closed. Chaplain Zack Lindahl offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Paul Kirby; Secretary—Steve Helwig