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Thanksgiving Sacred Harp Singing

Jordans Village Hall, Jordans, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The 6th Thanksgiving Singing Day was held in the Village Hall of

Jordans, the Quaker Village, and burial place of William Penn. The class was called to order by Sheila Girling Macadam leading 34b. Rev. David Chantler offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Jordan 47t; Steve Welch 489; Edwin Macadam 287; Tom Gerber 29t; Marjorie Brown 171; Teresa Maguire 111b; Toby Goss 168; Rebecca Over 461; Sofi Mogensen 31t; Nick Hall 231; Jan Lawrence 101t; Edmund Richardson 38t; Phil Owen 542; Steve Brett 57; Joe Jones 523; Barry Parsons 129; Sue Lanfear 163b; J.R. Hardman 475; Sam Cole 81t; Sheila Girling Macadam 39t; Rachel Jordan 36b; Steve Welch 70t; Edwin Macadam 272; Tom Gerber 112.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sheila Girling Macadam; Vice Chairman—Edwin Macadam; Secretary—Sofi Mogensen; Arranging Committee—Nick Hall, Sam Cole, and Werner Ullah; Treasurer—Jenny Shufflebotham; Chaplains—Rev. David Chantler and Rev. Marjorie Brown.


Marjorie Brown brought the class back together leading 217. Leaders: Teresa Maguire 445; Toby Goss 481; Rebecca Over 483 (for the McGraw family); Sofi Mogensen 547; Nick Hall 454; Jan Lawrence 135; Edmund Richardson 164; Phil Owen 300; Steve Brett 208; Joe Jones 270 (for Susannah Gill).

Mary Welch, assisted by Toby Goss, conducted a combined Memorial and Sick and Housebound Lesson. She spoke of the glories of the autumn foliage in this beautiful part of the country, and the thanks we owe for the bounty of nature. She reminded us that, during this year in particular, the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, of the need to comfort those who mourn. She read an account of the remembrance by French villagers of Lt. Hugh Toby Welch, killed in action near Arras, France, in 1917. His great nephew, Steve Welch, led 147b for the following sick and housebound: Jackie Saunders, John Taylor, Paula Mogensen, Geoffrey Rendle, Duane Nasis, Bill Kerridge, Moya Wolfe, Phoebe Williams, Carol Uszkurat, Elspeth Hannen, Gill Povey, Kath Mountstephen, and Jan Green.

We also held in our memory the following deceased: Sara Ray—London; Roy Jones—Oxford; Lilian Slark—Bedford; Carlene Griffin—Georgia, USA; Cherry Welch—Gomshall; Mrs. Edith May Wiggins—Lewes; John Mountstephen—Bristol; Patricia Price—Sutton; Peter Linwood—Florida, USA; Harold Pigott—Barking; and Dudley Fuller—Borehamwood. Rev. Marjorie Brown closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Barry Parsons 340; Sue Lanfear 159; J.R. Hardman 227; Sam Cole 448t; Sheila Girling Macadam 430; Edwin Macadam 480; Rachel Jordan 297; Steve Welch 52t; Tom Gerber 448b; Marjorie Brown 302; Teresa Maguire 512; Toby Goss 288; Rebecca Over 306; Sofi Mogensen 65; Nick Hall 455; Jan Lawrence 56b. Edwin Macadam offered thanks for the midday meal.


The afternoon session commenced with Edmund Richardson leading 145t. Leaders: Jenneith Codrington 383; Phil Owen 186; Sheila Girling Macadam 500; Steve Brett 193; J.R. Hardman 183; Barry Parsons 524; Sue Lanfear 299; Joe Jones 141; Rachel Jordan 192; Steve Welch 150; Tom Gerber 323b; Marjorie Brown 369 (for her daughter, Al Brown, currently in Lima, Peru); Edwin Macadam 444; Teresa Maguire 47b; Nick Hall 515; Rebecca Over 492; Toby Goss 210; Sofi Mogensen 228; Jan Lawrence 339; Sheila Girling Macadam 440; Steve Brett 124; Barry Parsons 404; Phil Owen 426b.


The class was reconvened for the final session by Joe Jones leading 354b. Leaders: Edmund Richardson 353; J.R. Hardman 106; Sue Lanfear 334; Sam Cole 298; Jenneith Codrington 351; Rachel Jordan 269; Steve Welch 50b; Edwin Macadam 538; Marjorie Brown 472; Teresa Maguire 45t (in celebration of her marriage the previous day); Toby Goss 313b; Rebecca Over 569t; Sofi Mogensen 102; Nick Hall 452; J.R. Hardman 191.

Thanks were given to all those who had helped in any way to make the day’s singing a success, but in particular to David Shufflebotham. Announcements were made. After expenses had been met, the surplus from the day’s donations would again be passed to the Quakers for their use.

Sheila Girling Macadam and Edwin Macadam led 347. David Chantler offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sheila Girling Macadam; Vice Chairman—Edwin Macadam; Secretary—Sofi Mogensen