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Elder and Mrs. Jason Davis Memorial Singing

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Calhoun, Georgia

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The annual Elder and Mrs. Jason Davis Memorial Singing was held at Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Calhoun, Georgia, on the third Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Judy Mincey leading 59. Hayden Arp offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 129, 131b; Eddie Mash 48b, 330b; Hayden Arp 32t, 37b; B.M. Smith 105, 101t; Karen Rollins 35, 350; Virginia Dyer 100, 28b; Bob Mitchell 282, 341; John Plunkett 108t, 207; Virginia Douglas 455; Nigel Bowley 97, 52b. The class sang 82t at the request of a visitor.


Judy Mincey brought the class back together by leading 47t. Leaders: Lisa Bennett 32b (in memory of her nephew, Brock), 268 (for her brother, John); David Smead 201, 349; Susan Stanley 569b, 277; Paul Stanley 133, 335; Richard DeLong 431, 432; Eddie Mash 343, 342; Hayden Arp 235, 313t; B.M. Smith 318, 111b. Elder Bob Mitchell offered grace before lunch.


Judy Mincey opened the afternoon session by leading 77b. Leaders: Karen Rollins 77t, 399b; Virginia Dyer 314, 472; Bob Mitchell 348b, 135; John Plunkett 90, 80t; Nigel Bowley 132, 494; Judy Mincey and Linda Fletcher 475; Coy Coggins 354b, 274t; Lisa Bennett 306, 186; David Smead 461, 476; Susan Stanley 49b, 48t; Paul Stanley 49t, 72b; Virginia Douglas 40; Bob Mitchell 146; Nigel Bowley 565.

The class voted to keep the same officers as follows: Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Bob Mitchell, Secretary—Helen Bryson (in absentia).

After announcements, Judy Mincey led 62 as the closing song. The class took the parting hand, and was dismissed with prayer offered by Eddie Mash.

Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Bob Mitchell; Secretary—Helen Bryson