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Dallas County Singing

Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The annual Dallas County Sacred Harp singing was held at the Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Cassie Allen leading 82t. Gary Rogan offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Cassie Allen 32t; Ben Brown 58; Priscilla Wiggins 178; Cheryl Foreman 492; Rick Foreman 34b; Sonny Erwin 489; Kris Wiggins 198; Josh Rogan 383; Mike Hinton 475; Catherine Rogan 460; Ainslie Allen 196; Eddie Mash 447; Diane Ross 209; Bruce Coates 34t; Cindy Tanner 155; Owen Ross 143; Sarah Huckaby 74b; Gary Rogan 318; Lucy Heidorn 40; Darrell Swarens 441; Michele Curran 296; Donald Ross 481; Crystal Meadows 273.


Cassie Allen called the class back to order by leading 74t.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Ben Brown; Vice Chairman—Kris Wiggins; Secretary—Priscilla Wiggins.

Leaders: Beverly Coates 171; Abby Huckaby 421; Scott Curran 228; Vivian Rogan 348b; Jerry Ryan 319; Jackie Tanner 101t; Rick Cunningham 47b; Paulette Chavers 147t; Tom Owen 347; Ann Jett 327; Michele Cull 217; Ben Brown 534; Priscilla Wiggins 365; Donn Howard 535; Sonny Erwin 73b; Kris Wiggins, Aron Yert, and Bethany Yert 236.

Donald Ross and Owen Ross conducted the memorial lesson. Donald Ross read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Judy Hardie, Elsie Moon, S.T. Reed, and Loraine Bayer. He led 86.

Owen Ross read the following names of the deceased: Stanly Edwards, Mike Bowman, Betty Wright, Eldagene Roberson, Shelbie Sheppard, Hobert Ivey, Donna Ruth Wootten Durden, Doris Hanks, Bobby Evans, David Rust, Danny Arms, and Sallie Foreman. He led 285t, and closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Mike Hinton 426b; Catherine Rogan 542; Eddie Mash 316; Diane Ross 354t; Bruce Coates 49b; Cindy Tanner 436; Owen Ross 434; Sarah Huckaby 454. Gary Rogan offered prayer before the noon meal.


Ben Brown called the class back to order by leading 556. Leaders: Gary Rogan 384; Lucy Heidorn 186; Darrell Swarens 208; Michele Curran 430; Donald Ross 331; Crystal Meadows 442; Beverly Coates 229; Scott Curran 432; Vivian Rogan 282; Jerry Ryan 274t; Sarah Hood 276; Avon Miller 550; Jackie Tanner 336; Rick Cunningham 277; Tom Owen 328; Ann Jett 546; Michele Cull 36b; Cassie Allen and Donald Ross 419; Avon Miller 553; Sarah Hood 523.

Cassie Allen and Ben Brown led 62 as the closing song. Gary Rogan dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Ben Brown; Vice Chairman—Kris Wiggins; Secretary—Priscilla Wiggins