Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Reid Memorial

County Line Church, Corner, Alabama

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The 95th session of the Reid Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Danny Creel leading 30t. The morning prayer was offered by Earl Ballinger. Danny Creel then led 448t.

Permanent officers: Chairman—Danny Creel; Honorary Vice Chairperson—Kathleen Robbins; Acting Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Jackie Tanner; Secretary—Lucy Heidorn.

Leaders: Ken Tate 336; Lucy Heidorn 460; Don Keeton 480; Jerry Kitchens 74b; Kathy Robinson 142; Becky Strickland 490; Eugene Forbes 203; Steve Adams and Lisa Geist 99; Betty Baccus 387; Earl Ballinger 206; Linda Thomas 32t; Richard Maudlin 66; Linda Sides 148; Nicholas Thompson 217; Hannah Tate 268; Brenda Chafin 67 (for Johnie Chafin and Emily Brown); Eddie Mash 96.


The class was called to order by Ken Tate leading 335 (in memory of Harrison Creel). Leaders: Marlin Beasley and Becky Strickland 455; Tim Cook 68t; Judy Caudle 422; Henry Johnson 338; Gravis Ballinger 222; Loretta Whitman 75; Darrell Swarens 275b; Lisa Geist 195; Chris Coughlin 213t; Shelby Castillo 186; Emily Brown 454; Sharon DuPriest 546; Warren Steel 74t; Jackie Tanner 314; Rodney Ivey 432.


The class was called to order by Danny Creel leading 112. Leaders: Willodean Barton 475, 418; Daphene Causey 171, 140; Ann Miczulski 146; Ainslie Allen 196; Emma Hayden Calvert 388; Cheyenne Ivey 155; Julianna Jett 436; David Ivey 380; Susan Cherones 564; Larry Ballinger 528; Cassie Allen 434; Buell Cobb 92; Ann Jett and Yancey Jett 172; Yancey Jett 71; SuNell Ellis and Edie Richardson 340, 159. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Henry Johnson.


The class was called to order by Danny Creel leading 276. Leaders: Velton Chafin 456; Bea Aaron 441; Wanda Capps 298; David Heidorn and Lucy Heidorn 143 (in memory of Charles Creel and Charlotte McCarn); Cindy Tanner 220; Cindy Tanner and Darrell Swarens 198; Chris Coughlin 189; Nicholas Thompson 392; Eddie Mash 174; Ann Miczulski 282; Brett King and Ken Tate 162; Warren Steel 214; Cassie Allen 328; Susan Cherones 300; David Ivey and Rodney Ivey 111b, 512; Cheyenne Ivey and Shelby Castillo 542; Larry Ballinger and Lisa Geist 224; Richard Mauldin and Jerry Kitchens 77t; Judy Caudle and Linda Thomas 556; Sharon DuPriest and Henry Johnson 212; Linda Sides and Brenda Chafin 215; Don Keeton and Velton Chafin 498; Betty Baccus and Loretta Whitman 72b; Tim Cook and Eugene Forbes 318; Bea Aaron 80b; Richard Mauldin and Steve Adams 378t; Emily Brown and Kathy Robinson 89; Ann Jett, Julianna Jett, and Yancey Jett 440; Hannah Tate, Ken Tate, SuNell Ellis, and Brett King 358; Emma Hayden Calvert 76b; Wanda Capps, Cindy Tanner, Ann Jett, and Danny Creel 342; Cassie Allen 485 (for Elsie Moon).

After announcements, Danny Creel led 383 as the closing song, and then offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Secretary—Lucy Heidorn