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Cork Singing

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, Cork, Ireland

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Cork All-Day singing was called to order at St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Dean Street, Cork, Ireland, by Declan Synnott leading 171. Hugh McKenna offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Lisa O’ Grady 33b; Kate Kirwan 32t; Bryan Seale 48t; Amanda Parkes 37b; Robert Wedgbury 89; Colleen Jones 99; Ewan Paterson 87; Hugh McKenna 84; Kevin Kennedy 81t; Elisabeth Schallwig 71; Mike Morrisroe 187; Geoff Grainger 143; Eva Striebeck 63; Margaret Bradshaw 148; Nic Zuppardi 111b; Florent Decherf 176b; Edmund Richardson 540; Juniper Hill 421; Arthur Swindells 318.


Daire O’ Sullivan called the class back to order leading 270. Leaders: Eimear O’ Donovan 432; Pauline Hyde 142; Sadhbh O’ Flynn 168; Ellyn Stokes 107; Al McCready 227; J.R. Hardman 282; Michael Walker 313t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Arthur Swindells, who spoke of the ways in which our lives continually touch those of others. Arthur led 235 in memory of the following deceased: Seán Johnston—Tipperary; Danny Arms—North Carolina; Stanly Edwards—Alabama; Lise Berry—Minnesota; Niall Henderson—Dublin; James Burgess—Inverness; Marko van der Horst—Rotterdam; and Kathleen House—North Carolina.

Leaders: Mike Morrisroe 390; Amanda Parkes 425; Kate Kirwan 134; Eva Striebeck 372; Robert Wedgbury 500; Hugh McKenna 209.


Amanda Parkes called the class back to order leading 76b. Leaders: Bryan Seale 217; Kevin Kennedy 216; Nic Zuppardi 77t; Elisabeth Schallwig 348t; Lisa O’ Grady 546; Edmund Richardson 353; Michael Walker 456; Florent Decherf 203; Kevin Kennedy 486; Eimear O’ Donovan 141; Ellyn Stokes 101t; Sadhbh O’ Flynn 304 (in memory of Danny Arms); J.R. Hardman 385b; Margaret Bradshaw 299; Geoff Grainger 523. The blessing before lunch was offered by Hugh McKenna.


Dara Desmond called the class back to order leading 332. Leaders: Pauline Hyde 383; Colleen Jones 444; Declan Synnott 542; Ellyn Stokes 268; Arthur Swindells 280; Al McCready 153; Eva Striebeck 480; Sadhbh O’ Flynn 125; Mike Morrisroe 550; Kate Kirwan 447; Michael Walker 396; Bryan Seale 428; J.R. Hardman 501; Rob Wedgbury 102; Florent Decherf 70b; Lisa O’ Grady 110; Juniper Hill 269; Hugh McKenna 503.


Eimear O’ Donovan, Nic Zuppardi, and Chris Saywell called the class back to order leading 290. Leaders: Rob Wedgbury 335; Elisabeth Schallwig 47b; Edmund Richardson 571; Kate Kirwan and Al McCready 228; Colleen Jones 479; Geoff Grainger and Eva Striebeck 178; Dara Desmond 477; Pauline Hyde 410t; Bryan Seale and Michael Walker 426t; Mike Morrisroe and Steph Malpass 200; Arthur Swindells 30t; Juniper Hill 284; Ellyn Stokes 69t; Amanda Parkes and Kevin Kennedy 361.

Declan Synnott made closing announcements, thanking all those involved in the organization of the day, and thanking visiting singers for travelling. Kate Kirwan reported that eighty-six songs had been sung by thirty-nine registered singers and twenty-seven leaders. Six countries were represented (Ireland, England, Scotland, U.S.A., France, and Germany). Kevin Kennedy gave the treasurer’s report, stating that all expenses had been met.

Hugh McKenna offered the final prayer of the day. Declan Synnott led 472 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Declan Synnott; Vice Chairman—Lisa O’ Grady; Secretary—Kate Kirwan