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Mississippi State Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 23-24, 2014

Saturday, August 23

The 85th session of the Mississippi State Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 376. The opening prayer was offered by Arlon Gardner.

President Davis welcomed everyone, and extended thanks to Alfred Bailey and Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for hosting us. Leaders: John Von Horn 224; Darlene Reynolds 484 (CB); Arlon Gardner 67; Danny Creel 54 (CH); Charity Vaughn 212 (CB); John Hollingsworth 236; Mary Ellen Schrock 179 (CH); Bill Hogan 269 (CB); Cheryl Foreman 49t; Robert Vaughn 206 (WB); Crystal Meadows 198; Sonny Erwin 464 (CB); Ann Jett 170 (CH); Tom Gray 367 (CH); Stanley Smith 498; Ryan Bowman 133; Ken Tate 432b (CH); Hayden Arp 64 (CH); Bruce Coates 511t (CB); Rick Foreman 273 (CB); Beverly Coates 475.


John Von Horn called the class back together by leading 155. Leaders: Warren Steel 536 (CB); Michael Walker 567 (CB); Amber Davis 187; Sarah Beasley 572 (CB); Nancy Van Den Akker 168; Bobby Neyman 40. President Davis led 117 (CH) at the request of the people from Antioch Primitive Baptist Church.

President Davis appointed Henry McGuire, Hugh McGuire, and Drew McGuire as the Business and Credentials Committee.

Leaders: Seth Holloway 571 (CB); Wanda Gregg 573 (CB); Madison Busby 306 (CH); Lisa Geist 527; Tim Gray 200; Drew McGuire 155 (CH); Mike McNeil 522 (CB); John Van Horn 143. Arlon Gardner offered the blessing before the noon meal.


John Van Horn and Warren Steel brought the class back together leading 217. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 504; Dennis Crawford 277; Luke Addison 86; Nathaniel Addison 58; Cara Beth Addison 67 (CB); Natalie Davis 171; Bobby Caldwell 82 (CB); Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine 102; Henry McGuire 511 (WB); Hugh McGuire 505 (WB); Lisa Davis 222; Lynn Dennis 460; Danny Creel 186 (CH); Bill Hogan 176 (CH); Cheryl Foreman and Rick Foreman 133 (CH); Robert Vaughn 461; Crystal Meadows 183; Sonny Erwin 493; Ann Jett 149 (CH); Mary Ellen Schrock 180 (CH).

In a business meeting for the purpose of electing officers, a motion and second was made to keep the same officers as follows: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Chaplain—Arlon Gardner; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds. Mark Davis led 240.


Mark Davis called the class back together leading 300. Leaders: Ken Tate 462t (CH); Hayden Arp 434; Bruce Coates 133 (CB); Beverly Coates 372 (CH); Michael Walker 204t (CH); Amber Davis 380; Sarah Beasley 76b (CH); Nancy Van Den Akker 549; Lisa Geist 273; Tom Gray 68b; Glenn Keeton 468 (CB); Mark Davis 142 (CH).

Following announcements, a motion was made and seconded to dismiss the class. Mark Davis, Hugh McGuire, and Henry McGuire led “The Drone”. Arlon Gardner dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, August 24

Mark Davis opened the Sunday session of the Mississippi State Convention by leading 31b. The opening prayer was offered by Tim Gray.

President Davis met with officers, and the decision was made to start the convention at 9:30 a.m. both days.

Leaders: Mark Davis 203; John Van Horn 209; Darlene Reynolds 490, 569b; John Hollingsworth 186, 146; Cheryl Foreman 60 (CH), 264 (CH); Crystal Meadows 38t (CB), 505 (CB); Charity Vaughn 514 (CB), 494 (WB); Mary Ellen Schrock 133 (CH), 51 (CH); Rick Foreman 261t (CH), 228 (CH); Bill Hogan 332 (CH), 258 (CH).


John Van Horn led 111t (CH) to bring the class back to order. President Davis appointed Tom Gray and Tim Gray to the Resolutions Committee. President Davis appointed Wanda Gregg and John Hollingsworth to the Memorial Committee.

Leaders: Tom Gray 168b (CH), 358; Wanda Gregg 559 (CB); Beverly Coates 40t (CH), 501 (CH); Jackson Fleder 176b, 55; Bruce Coates 30b, 66; Arlon Gardner 278t, 455; Drew McGuire 354 (CH), 281b (CH). Tom Gray offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with President Davis leading 107. Leaders: Ryan Bowman 43 (CB), 29t (CB); Amber Davis 511b (CB), 229 (CB); Sonny Erwin 81t (CH), 214; Nancy Van Den Akker 340 (CB), 414b (CB); Stanley Smith 241 (CH), 138 (CH); Mike McNeil 282, 172 (CH); Regina Derstine 542, 339 (CH); Tim Gray 304 (CH), 47 (CH); Lynn Dennis 40 (CB), 517 (WB); Hugh McGuire 196, 269.

Wanda Gregg and John Hollingsworth conducted the memorial lesson. The following list of names of the sick and shut-ins was read: Toy Davis, Billie Margaret Gardner, Stites Gardner, and Henry McGuire. John Hollingsworth spoke about remembering these people, and letting them know we love and care about them.

They led 68b in memory of the following deceased: Jean Gray, Hugh Bill McGuire, W.M. Allen-Mississippi; John L. Dennis-Ohio; J.R. Gregg-Tennessee; Doris Hanks, Lawson Smith, A.A. Smith, Jr., Sallie Foreman-Texas. John Hollingsworth spoke about how we call their names the first year they are gone, but we need to remember all who have gone home to be with the Lord, and also, how much we miss them after singing together for years. John led 108 (CH) and 266 (CH). The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Bill Hogan.

The Business and Credentials Committee (Hugh McGuire and Drew McGuire) reported the collections and bank balance. They recommended disbursement of money as follows: Antioch Primitive Baptist Church—$350.00; WCPC Sacred Harp Radio Program—$100.00; Minutes—$85.00; and the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association for Camp Fasola Scholarship—$250.00.

The Resolutions Committee submitted the following: We thank Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for extending their hospitality and the use of this wonderful building; thanks to everyone that came from near and far to sing praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; thanks to everyone that helped in preparing meals; and we plan to meet here again next year to once again sing praises to God. All the reports were accepted, and the business meeting was closed.

Leaders: Mark Davis 117 (CH); Bill Hogan 520 (CB).

Announcements were made. Mark Davis, John Van Horn, and Hugh McGuire led “The Drone”. The closing prayer was offered by Arlon Gardner.

President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds