Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Independence Day Singing

Lakeview Lodge, Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama

Monday, June 30, 2014

The annual Independence Day Sacred Harp Singing was held at Lakeview Lodge, Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama. The class was called to order by Rene Greene and Samuel Sommers leading 46. Samuel Sommers offered the opening prayer. Rene Greene welcomed the class.

Leaders: Samuel Sommers 358; Judy Caudle 56t; Pam Nunn 186; Robert Chambless 225t; Nicholas Thompson 192; Cora Wareh 84; Cecil Roberts 89; Jim Aaron 47b; B.M. Smith 101t; Rebecca Over 99; Philip Denney and grandchildren 535; Guy Bankes 269; Tarik Wareh 177; Laurie Dempsey 503; Gideon Dresdner 111b.


Rene Greene and Samuel Sommers led 171 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: David Brodeur 217; Calum Woods 32t; Eimear Cradock 87; Wyatt Denney 340; Judy Chambless 142.

A business session was held with the following officers retained: Chairman—Rene Greene; Vice Chairman—Samuel Sommers; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging Officer—Pam Nunn.

Leaders: Tullaia Powell 277; Ori Hamilton 410t; Anna Bowen 388; Bea Aaron 112; Marcus Whitman 180; Shawn Whelan 106; Pattie Wareh 384; Carol Ann Munro 146; Natalie Sims 107; Kathy Williams 421.


The class was brought back together by Rene Greene and Samuel Sommers leading 299. Leaders: Reba Windom 436 (in memory of LaRue Allen); Sharon DuPriest 212; Darrell Swarens 208; Faiz Wareh 450; David Ivey 234; Jesse P. Karlsberg 227; Daniel Bearden 416; Lauren Bock 286; Charlene Wallace 283 (for Don Bowen); Ann Simpson 445; Holly Powell 209; Rene Greene and Pam Nunn 216 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard), 556 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard and Mike Nunn). Samuel Sommers offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Rene Greene and Samuel Sommers leading 220. Leaders: Michael Mosley 172; Holly Mixon 182; Louise Holland 441; Daniel Whelan 38b; Shelby Castillo 215; Corinne Ducey 532; Amanda Jokerst 378b; Jeannette DePoy 213t; Jackson Fleder 176b; Logan Green 56b; Mary Andrews 74b; Claudene Townson, Teresa Saylors, and Sierra Saylors 457; David Saylors and Amber Saylors 349; Tarik Wareh, Pattie Wareh, Faiz Wareh, and Cora Wareh 178; Philip Denney and grandchildren 40; Shawn Whelan, Natalie Sims, and Eimear Cradock, and Daniel Whelan 117; Laurie Dempsey, Lynn Wilson, Calum Woods, and Rebecca Over 68b; Jerusha Wheeler 270; Corinne Ducey, Mary Andrews, and Gideon Dresdner 105; Jackson Fleder, Ann Simpson, and Jeannette DePoy 448b; Marcus Whitman, B.M. Smith, and Amanda Jokerst 440; Carol Huang 42; Tullaia Powell, Holly Mixon, and Shelby Castillo 155; Gwen Gethner 309; Nicholas Thompson, Reba Windom, and David Brodeur 475; Guy Bankes, Logan Green, and Holly Powell 504; Judy Chambless, Bea Aaron, and Kathy Williams 137; Lauren Bock, Ori Hamilton, and Anna Bowen 183; Aldo Ceresa 156; Louise Holland, Carol Ann Munro, and Jim Aaron 163b; Sharon DuPriest, Jesse P. Karlsberg, and Judy Caudle 196; Darrell Swarens, Carol Huang, and Robert Chambless 72b; Michael Mosley, Daniel Bearden, and Gwen Gethner 304; Reba Windom 542 (by request).

Following announcements, Rene Greene and Samuel Sommers led 323t as the closing song. Samuel Sommers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Rene Greene; Vice Chairman—Samuel Sommers; Secretary—Judy Caudle