Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Gum Pond Decoration Day Singing

Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church, Morgan County, Alabama

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The annual Decoration Day Sacred Harp singing held at Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday in May was called to order by Milford Cobbs leading 159. He welcomed the class, and offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were retained to serve: Chairman—J.L. Hopper; Vice Chairman—Milford Cobbs; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging Officer—Nicholas Thompson.

Leaders: Judy Caudle 82t, 85; Nicholas Thompson 39b (in memory of Noble Caudle), 192; Geraldine Sharpton 143, 542; Darrell Swarens 36b, 72b; William Clay 168, 182; Delone Cobbs 73t, 354t; Chris Ballinger 350, 84; Bridgett Kennedy 32t, 434; David Light 436, 200; Hazel Heinze 63, 354b; Joan Aldridge 270; Loyd Ivey 337, 89.


Milford Cobbs led 75 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Angela Myers 171, 500; Susan Holmes 340 (in memory of Pauline Cobbs), 313t; Ken Tate 313b, 324; Julianna Jett 142; Julianna Jett and Yancey Jett 440; Julianna Jett, Yancey Jett, and Ann Jett 269; Lomax Ballinger 53, 59; Nancy Thompson 30t, 421; Colin Neil 282, 198; Jared Wootten 475; Nathan Blackwood 30b, 48t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Judy Caudle. She read a devotional, and then the following list of names of the deceased: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Mike Nunn, Alene Woodley, Josie Hyde, Genny Whitworth, Wilburn Self, and Joan Gilbreath. She also read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: S.T. Reed, Lily Hopper, Abraham Hudgins, Estelle Gilmore, Norman Crider, Jerry Kitchens, Jean Ballinger, and Hobert Ivey. She led 389. She led 459 in memory of Aunt Bera Bradford and in honor of Ben Bradford. Elder Philip Gilmore offered prayer to close the memorial service.


The afternoon session began with Milford Cobbs leading 46. Leaders: Dan Hopper 346, 110; Blake Sisemore 129, 411; Ann Jett 498 (in memory of Harrison Creel), 546; Eugene Forbes 551, 496; B.M. Smith 318, 441; Richard Mauldin 384, 446; Hayden Wootten 72 (t? b?); Anita Landess 330b, 379; Danny Creel 112, 76b; Philip Gilmore 176b, 128; Craig Holmes 369; Ronald Gilmore and Hazel Gilmore 111b, 378b; Aaron Wootten 39t; Scott Kennedy 228, 162; Paula Gilmore 317, 145b; J.L. Hopper 304; Grace Gilmore 208, 224; Nate Green 398, 399b; Jonathon Thompson 448t; Brandon Thompson 47b.

Announcements were made. J.L. Hopper and Milford Cobbs led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder J.L. Hopper.

Chairman—J.L. Hopper; Vice Chairman—Milford Cobbs; Secretary—Judy Caudle