Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern California Regional Singing

San Pedro, California

May 17, 1997

The fifth annual Southern California Regional Sacred Harp Singing met on Saturday before the third Sunday in May at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California. The class was called to order by Carla Smith leading song on page 217. Carri Patterson Grindon offered the opening prayer. Gerry Hoffman then lead 31b.

Carla Smith called a business meeting, at which the following officers were nominated and elected: Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Jerry Schreiber; Secretary—Mike Laube; Treasurer—Susan Turpin; Resolutions Committee—Laura Russell; Chaplain—Carri Patterson Grindon; Memorial Committee—Al Patterson Grindon; Arranging Committee—Carla Smith.

Leaders: Al Patterson Grindon 313t, 203; Rick Russell 280, 28b; Susan Turpin 67, 30t; Betty Herman 49t, 421; Janice Hecksel 107, 159; Ron Huss 344, 327; Chris Thorman 365, 474; Jim Friedrich 163t, 454; Jerry Schreiber 370, 538.


Jerry Schreiber brought the class back together leading 37b. Leaders: Catherine Callahan 154, 126; Midge Harder 36b, 535b; John Ostwald 163b, 318; Jane Campbell 479, 155; Carri Patterson Grindon 58, 122; Karen Huss 458, 547; Tom Ostwald 504, 269.

Al Patterson Grindon presented the memorial lesson. Noting that some of the persons named in the memorial never sang with us, he explained that we live in a world where not everyone sings Sacred Harp—yet. (Someone in the audience responded, “In the next world.”) The experience of the memorial is for us bittersweet, as we are glad for them, but miss them; perhaps when we sing, we can hear their voices in overtones.

Then he read aloud the following list of those deceased: California—Shirley Wright, Thomas Bell, Ida Ray Rosenfeld, Margaret Laughin, Emanuel Harriman, Ray Edwards, Ann Becker, and Jan Goldman; Missouri—Julia Grindon; Texas—Sam Herman.

Sick and Shut-in: California—Marilou Jolly, Nancy Snyder and Judith Rinaldi; Alabama—Amanda Denson. Carri Patterson Grindon closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Al Patterson Grindon 106, 510; Jon Rand 285 (t? b?), 330b; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 209, 455.


The class was brought back together singing song on 34b. Leaders: Stephen O’Leary 130, 272; Jean Olson 39t, 84; Michael Lambert 385b; Natalie Hall 186, 114; Gisele LaLonde 178, 456; Mary Rose O’Leary 506, 550; Mike Laube 38b, 120.


The class was brought back together singing song on 312 (t? b?). Leaders: Gerry Hoffman 328, 171; Sharon Berman 117, 131b; Victoria Ostwald 236, 268; Donald Nollar 133, 48b; Anne Friend 277, 160 (t? b?); Carla Smith 66, 369.


The class was brought back together singing song on 276. Leaders: Jim Friedrich 168; Tom Ostwald 142; Chris Thorman 569b.

Gerry Hoffman led 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. Chaplain Carri Patterson Grindon offered the closing prayer and dismissed the class.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Jerry Schreiber; Secretary—Mike Laube.