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William J. Reynolds Sacred Harp Singing

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The 30th annual Sacred Harp Singing was held in Cowden Hall at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, on the last Saturday of January. This is the twenty-third year that the The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision, has been used. Tim Studstill welcomed everyone to the singing at 9:37 a.m., and introduced the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Faculty present, Dr. John Simons and Dr. Scott Aniol. He also recognized the Southwestern students present, and announced that Dr. Music published a new book titled William Reynolds. The opening prayer was offered by Bruce Coates.

Leaders: Tim Studstill 72t; Tim Reynolds 59; Beverly Coates 82t; Kris Wiggins 30t; Ron Ryan 546; Matt Bell 162; Catherine Rogan 36t; Bruce Coates 32t; David Music 99; Jerry Ryan 145t; Ainsley Ross 457; Dan Brittain 504; Priscilla Wiggins 365; Cassie Allen 460; Gary Rogan 168; Esther Huckaby 335; Vivian Rogan 49t.

No officers were officially elected, but the following volunteered to serve: Chairman—Tim Studstill; Secretary—Danielle Robertson; Registration—Nataliya Bolgar.


Tim Studstill called the class back to order. Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 492; Chelsea Miller 56t; Zach Rogan 142; Brandon Hochstetler and Ben Little 45t; Brody Ross and Ryan Ross 294; Keji Lu, Ai Chin, and Jiazi Gao 27; Vickie Silva, Eloise Isbell, and Cheryl Foreman 63; Sarah Teichler, Lois Ling, and Siezi Geao 31t; John Gray and Kye Lee 314; Steve Hays 326; Jo Pendleton 72b; Debbie Lang, Janis Felts, and Meagan McKay 312b; Ben Copenhaver 24b; Jesse Latimer 328; Bruce Teamberlin and Ryan Ross 165; Becki Miller and Chelsea Miller 84; Kyle Hearn 133; Jeremy Elliett 47t; Josh Rogan 234. Tim Studstill made announcements. Dr. Scott Aniol offered prayer before the noon meal.


Tim Studstill called the afternoon session to order at 1:15 p.m. Leaders: Jerry Ryan 274t; Matt Bell 271t; Tim Reynolds 303; Beverly Coates 472; Kris Wiggins 189; Bruce Coates 503; Chloe Webb 106; David Music 128; Dan Brittain 209; Priscilla Wiggins 159; Cassie Allen 334; Gary Rogan 535; Steve Hays 551; Jo Pendleton 68b; Vivian Rogan 215; Ben Copenhaver 320; Jesse Latimer 532; Chelsea Miller 178; Zach Rogan 217; Tim Kinkley 361; Becki Miller and Chelsea Miller 107; Josh Rogan 434; LuAnn Thomas 35; Kyle Hearn 39t; Beverly Coates 143; Tim Reynolds 148; Tim Studstill 268; Dan Brittain 225t.

Final words and announcements were made by Tim Studstill. He led 81t as the closing song, and then offered the benediction.

Chairman—Tim Studstill; Secretary—Danielle Robertson