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Berkshire Foothills All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

The Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Berkshire Foothills Singing was called to order by Joanne Fuller leading 52t. The opening prayer was offered by Allison Steel.

Leaders: Christine Andrews 47t; Matthew Léger-Small 345b; Leland Kusmer 71; Cheri Hardy 112; John Holbrook 354t; Elsa Phemayotin 82t; Jeremy Galvagni 29t; Ron Woodland 479; Sheila Kelley 38b; Corinne Ducey 209; Mary Andrews 168; Alma Marquez 86; Mike Nord 131b; Jan-Erik Steel 89; Sally Langendorf 40; Ed Smith 564; Emma Swartz 440; Andrew Magee 56b; Maggie Shar 390; Molly Merrett 81t.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Christine Andrews; Vice Chairperson—Matthew Léger-Small; Secretary—Leland Kusmer; Finance Officer—Jeremy Galvagni; Arranging Officer—Cheri Hardy; Resolutions Committee—Chris Holley and Dan Hertzler.


Emma Rose Brown called the class back to order leading 111b. Leaders: Gwen Gethner 42; Laura Timmerman and Deborah Marsh 49b; Jesse Polhemus 511; Emiline Mesmer and Jessica Zeng 70t; Maura Burns 65; Ellen Lueck 406; Bill Holt 410t; Kathe Pilibosian 283; George Sigut 341; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 534; Rain Morical and Abbey Morical 282; Terry Ryan 218; Paula Picton, Kieran Najita, and Chase Fiedler 106; Willis McCumber 392; Alex Brinkman-Granigna 274t; Corey Walters 192; Jeremy Galvagni 100.


Emma Swartz and Elsa Phemayotin called the class back to order leading 312b. Leaders: Liz Cantrell 411; Claudia Smigelski 101t; Logan Traynor 300; Amy Valladares 383; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 101b; Laura Hodges 535; Justin Levi 278t; Devereux Fuller 159; Harrison Newert 122; Sharon Lehr 315; Mike Nord and Daniel Wininger 268; Eric Sandberg 66; Christina Wallin 297; Richard Schmeidler 120; Steven Jackson and Cheri Hardy 77t; Ruby Francis 146; Antony Shipman and Abbey Morical 47b; D.J. Hatfield 442. Joanne Fuller led the class in a historical tune recovered for the occasion, “Granville,” written by the Connecticut composer Truman S. Wetmore and published in the Social Harmony in 1798.


Mary Andrews called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Philippa Stoddard 296; Deidra Montgomery 396; Steve Cackley 204; Pat Callahan 232; Ray Rechenberg 454; Allison Steel 216; Chris Holley, Ruby Francis, and Devereux Fuller 376; Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Alvaro Witt Duarte 543; Andal Sundaramurthy 444; Tom Malone 279; Lynne deBenedette 542; Aldo Ceresa 475; Jean Seiler 273; Dan Hertzler 528; Joanna Lampert 386; Ian Quinn 384; Kitty Kagay 318; Jeremy Galvagni and Allison Steel 299; Christine Andrews 424.


Mike Nord and Corinne Ducey called the class back to order leading 45t. Leaders: Leonard Spencer 260; Christina Wallin and Philippa Stoddard 500; Kenan Sterenbetz 320; Mary Skidmore 432; Linda Shea 230; Jesse Polhemus 275b; Emma Rose Brown 144; Ron Woodland 163b; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 67; Ellen Lueck 374; Molly Merrett 33b; Ed Smith 558; Laura Timmerman 138b.

A business meeting was held to hear reports from the various committees. Jeremy Galvagni submitted the Finance Committee report declaring that all expenses were met. Leland Kusmer submitted the Secretary’s report announcing that 95 songs had been led by 80 leaders. There were 134 singers registered from 10 states. Chris Holley and Dan Hertzler delivered the Resolutions Committee report thanking all those who had made the day possible, especially Joanne Fuller for making it possible to sing at the Old Meeting House. The committee resolved to reconvene in November of next year. The business meeting was concluded.

Christine Andrews, Matthew Léger-Small, and Leland Kusmer led 347 as the closing song.

Chairperson—Christine Andrews; Vice Chairperson—Matthew Léger-Small; Secretary—Leland Kusmer