Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

May 3, 1997

The thirteenth annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday, May 3rd in the Madison Church building on the grounds of Burritt Museum and Park. Burritt Museum is located atop Monte Sano Mountain, the second highest elevation in Alabama. Lomax Ballinger, Chairman, called the class to order leading song on page 49b. Sam Jones led the morning prayer.

The class organized by selecting the following officers: Vice Chairman—Mark Carroll; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger; Arranging Committee—Linton Ballinger.

Lomax Ballinger continued the singing by leading song on page 101t. Leaders: Vice Chairman Mark Carroll 448b, 144; Secretary Teresa Ballinger 78; Sam Jones 179; Gary Leopold 159; David Ivey 283 in honor of Estelle Napier; Edwin Ballinger 477; Bill Shrader 72b; Amanda Ballinger 200; Rodney Ivey 299; Jenny Willard 163t; S. T. Reed 35; Emily Ballinger 171; Loyd Ivey 424; Shelbie Sheppard 216; Dave Ressler 411; Pam Wilkerson 203; Frances Jones and Donald Jones 147t; Judy Caudle 186; David Ballinger 59; Lora Cargo 454; Rex Wilks 137; Karen Isbell 224; Lavaughn Ballinger 45t.


Linton Ballinger called the class together leading song on page 189. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 392; Linda Thomas 217; Jerry Enright and David Ivey 42; Norma Latham 480; Don Bowen 548; Wilda Holmes 39b; Myra Dalton 332; Thomas Willard 274t; Beth O’Dell 546; Sam Sommers 386; Ruth Brown 155; Bud Oliver 406; Nancy Thompson 77t; Gary Gronau 362; Tina Leopold 84; Allison Ivey 134; Alan Jones 312b; Becky Browne 181; Gravis Ballinger 34b; Syble Adams 66; Willard Hopper and Judy Caudle 448t; Judy Mincey 368; Keith Willard 297; Earl Ballinger 177; Arvid Holmes 383.


The afternoon session was called together with Chairman Lomax Ballinger leading song on page 168. Leaders: Mark Carroll 142; Buddy Ballinger 343b; Coy Ivey 475; Carrie Ann Wilkerson 354b; Glen Harper 40; Bob Meek 236; Tory O’Dell 108t; Dennis George 68b; Michelle Cull 209; Larry Ballinger 232; J.L. Hopper 553; Mark Taylor 143; Buell Cobb 72t; Lee Rogers 446; Steve Sheraton 65; David Carlton 81t; H. A. Godsey 436; Syble Adams 350; Sam Sommers 415; Jenny Willard 303b; Becky Browne 215; Jerry Enright 300; Donald Jones 100; Coy Ivey 222; J.L. Hopper 198; Judy Mincey 497; Bob Meek 269; Steven Sheraton 551; Beth O’Dell 196; Dave Ressler 192; Jeff Sheppard 352.

Following the announcements, Chairman Lomax Ballinger and Vice Chairman Mark Carroll led song on page 62, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Lavaughn Ballinger.

Chairman—Lomax Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Mark Carroll; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger.