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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The 29th session of the Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Susan Matthews called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 34b. Carol Munro Mosley offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Rochelle Lodder 36b; Jim Helke 464; Steve Warner 171; Nick Pasqual 72b; Debbie Barford 120; Peter Bradley 228.


Susan Matthews called for a motion to open the business meeting. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairladies—Ginny Landgraf and Evelyn Lamb; Acting Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Vice Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Secretary—Eileen Ferguson; Memorial Committee—Marcia Johnson and Jim Helke; Finance Committee—Randy Neufeld; Arranging Committee—Ann Sleeva and Jim Swanson; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder.

Leaders: Bill Waddington 474; John Seaton 47t; Sheila Patterson 35; Mark Dawson 236; Susan Geil 344; Janice Ketelle 168; Michael Mosley 349; James Page 272; Jo Dell Albi 163b; Terry Hogg 489; Orwin Youngquist 26; Anne Missavage 157.


Anne Heider called the class to order leading 49t. Leaders: Cathryn Bearov 368; Petrina Patti 217; Buell Cobb 423; Rachel Adelstein 473; Jim Patterson 128; Randy Neufeld 270; Ted Johnson 222; Aldo Ceresa 182; Lisa Grayson 192; Marian Mitchell 532; Herb Schroeder 183; Samuel Sommers 506; Melanie Hauff 271t; Leon Pulsinelle 67; Ryan Wheeler 569b.


Steve Warner called the class to order leading 46. Leaders: Carol Munro Mosley 392; Cecelia Kramer 191; Carol Buche 178; David Barford 142; Grace Patterson 542.

Marcia Johnson and Jim Helke spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins. Jim thanked everyone for their support when he was ill. Jim stayed in the square while Aldo Ceresa led 229 for the following sick and shut-ins: Bob Borcherding, the Plesha ladies, Gary Gronau, Rebecca Browne, La Mar Matthews, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Vivian Schurfranz, Maria Stebbins, Ginny Landgraf, Mary Rogel, Mary Wood, Robert Smith, Dorothy Kousferlie, and Reta Martin.

Marcia Johnson conducted the memorial lesson. She read the names of the deceased as follows and led 47t in their memory: the Newtown dead in Connecticut; Charles Petri—Florida; Mariett Reichard of the Bridgett, Lee Steinmetz, George Svec, and Phil Trier—Illinois; Everett Metzler and Marjorie Sommers—Indiana; Helen Swanson—Massachusetts; Ann Gower and Jim Seaton—Minnesota; Wilma Casenheiser—Ohio, Elaine Beyer, Julie Geshaj, and George Pavly—Wisconsin; and Robert Graeff.

Leaders: Johanna Fabke 129; Peggy Mistak 496; Jim Swanson 411. Herb Schroeder offered grace before the noon meal.


Steve Warner brought the class back to order leading 37b. Leaders: Ted Mercer 181; Ray Rechenberg 107; Julie Thompson 330b; Judy Hauff 373; Marcia Johnson 485; Dan Nickel 56b; Liisa Eckersberg 38t; Jeff Breting 328; Michael Appert 335; Buell Cobb 439; Rochelle Lodder 313t; Aldo Ceresa 430; Sheila Patterson 324; Susan Matthews 479; Cecelia Kramer 313b; Anne Heider 362; Carol Buche 162; Marian Mitchell 163t; Jim Patterson 268. Randy Neufeld spoke on behalf of the finance committee and led 66.

Susan Matthews called the founders to the center of the square. Marcia Johnson, Judy Hauff, Ted Mercer, Ted Johnson, Herb Schroeder, and Sara Davie led 189. Susan Geil and Petrina Patti announced that St. Paul’s Community Church recently disbanded, sold their church, and donated the proceeds to community groups. They gave $7,300 to Chicago Sacred Harp.


Eileen Ferguson called the class to order leading 84. Leaders: Janice Ketelle 212; Sarah Davie 384; Meredith Boulet 159; Bob Sullivan 503; Libby Bachhuber 312b; Johanna Fabke 74b; Terry L. Hogg 43; Leon Pulsinelle 269; Grace Patterson 504; Peter Bradley 276; Samuel Sommers 431; Ann Missavage 209; Ray Rechenberg 399b; Judy Hauff 536.

The finance committee announced that expenses were met. Susan Matthews led 347 as the closing song. Herb Schroeder dismissed the class with a prayer.

Chairladies—Ginny Landgraf and Evelyn Lamb; Acting Chairlady—Susan Matthews; Vice Chairman—Steve Warner; Secretary—Eileen Ferguson