Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cornucopia All-Night Singing

Residence of Rowan Lupton, Princeton, New Jersey

November 21-22, 2012

Wednesday night, November 21

The first Cornucopia All-Night Singing was held at the residence of Rowan Lupton, Princeton, New Jersey. He opened the singing by leading 354t.

Leaders: Julia Seidenstein and Jade Levine 81t; Nathalie Levine 70t; Jeff Gauthier 236; Rachel Hall 71; Becky Wright 439; Nathan Berry 35; Ben Cocchiaro 58; Daniel Hunter 343; Anna Melton 117; Sonia Chin 192; Bethany Towne 488; Myles Louis Dakan 480; Woody Zenfell 313t; Jesse Krikorian 504; Leon Pulsinelle 171; Oriana Ott and Jeff Gauthier 42. Daniel Hunter offered a prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Rowan Lupton; Vice Chairman—Julia Seidenstein; Treasurer—Jade Levine; Secretary—Nathalie Levine.


Julia Seidenstein called the class back together by leading 48t. Leaders: Daniel Hunter 216, 217; Ben Cocchiaro 112, 182; Bethany Towne 379, 41; Anna Melten 448 (t? b?), 178; Rowan Lupton 106; Rachel Hall 345b, 345t; Jeff Gauthier 245, 361; Jesse Krikorian 378t, 378b; Angela DeCarlis and Daniel Hunter 163b, 107; Leon Pulsinelle 362, 269. Daniel Hunter offered a prayer before the meal.


Thursday morning, November 22

Nathalie Levine and Paul Morrissett called the class back together by leading 67. Leaders: Sonia Chin 406, 277; Myles Louis Dakan 297, 122; Julia Seidenstein 284, 410t (dedicated to Rowan Lupton); Becky Wright 228, 328; Nathalie Levine 129, 131b; Nathan Berry 156, 400; Jesse Krikorian 368, 547; Rachel Hall 383; Ben Cocchiaro 49b (for A. F.), 384 (for J. D.); Julia Seidenstein 77t; Anna Melten 421; Sonia Chin 458.


Julia Seidenstein and Oriana Ott called the class back by leading 45t. Leaders: Jeff Gauthier 209; Bethany Towne 160b; Nathalie Levine 89; Myles Louis Dakan 270; Nathan Berry 153; Jesse Krikorian 157; Daniel Hunter 475; Becky Wright 232; Rowan Lupton 355; Rowan Lupton, Julia Seidenstein, Jade Levine, and Nathalie Levine 344.

The treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The secretary announced that 68 songs had been led by leaders from 4 states. The resolutions committee thanked Lynda Lee and Robert Lupton for the use of their house, and everyone else who provided food, support, advice, and help. We resolved to meet and sing again on Wednesday night before the Sunday after the fourth Thursday in November, 2013.

Announcements were made. The class took the parting hand as Rowan Lupton led 318. Daniel Hunter offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rowan Lupton; Vice Chairman—Julia Seidenstein; Secretary—Nathalie Levine