Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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James River Convention

St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The 21st annual James River Convention was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November in the parish hall of the historic St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. The class was welcomed by Ben Hartland leading 410t. The opening prayer was offered by Don Polaski.

Leaders: Don Polaski 135; Adrienne Robertson 455; Leyland delRe 339; Stephen McMaster 282; Mary Wright 35; Craig Vaughn 178; Pat Temple 373; Matt Drumheller 383; Will Polaski 354b; Mary DeNys 477; Susan Green 272; Hank Schutz 479; Sandra Polaski 446; Kelly Macklin 174; Josh Barnett 276; Richard Green 313b; Frances Schutz 171; Marty DeNys 107; Matt Roberts 503.

A business session was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Ben Hartland; Vice Chairperson—Adrienne Robertson; Secretary—Bev Yaeger; Treasurer—John Daniel delRe.


The class was brought back to order by Diane Ober and John Alexander leading 354t. Leaders: Liz Meitzler 512; Kathy Manning 302; Lynda Hamburger 448t; John delRe 425; Bev Yaeger 142; Zach Bullock 81t; Kelly Kennedy 138t; Kathy Kaiser 430; Nancy Lee Newell 148.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Pat Temple leading 312t in memory of the following deceased: Harrison Creel—Alabama; Jean Hall—Georgia; Peggy Loddengaard—North Carolina; Melyssa Bridge, Shelton Roberts, and Carol Boswell—Virginia; John Moreno—Illinois; Rowena Fields Bennet—Texas. Craig Vaughn led 566 in honor of George Tutweiler and Don Water.

Leaders: Dan Hunter 209 (by request), 340; Leslie Booher 473; Nathan Berry 94; John Alexander 317; Derrick Lane 38b; Frank DeBolt 515; John Daniel delRe 284.


The class was brought back to order by Zach Bullock leading 101t. Leaders: Matt Drumheller 117; Pat Temple 33t; Cathryn Bearov 372; Matt Ference 112; Lucy Roberts 28b; Kathy Kaiser 29t; Don Polaski 198; Leslie Booher 163b; Hank Schutz 143; Adrienne Roberts 153; Nancy Lee Newell 300; Sandra Polaski 384; Richard Green 475; Frances Schutz 474; Mary DeNys 484; Derrick Lane 31t; Frank DeBolt 569b; Matt Roberts 277.


The following session included selections from a handout from the upcoming Shenandoah Harmony. Leaders: Dan Hunter “Tender-Hearted Christian”; Bev Yaeger “North Providence”; Mary Wright “The Shepherd’s Star”; Zach Bullock “Psalm 30 (t? b?)”; Diane Ober “Sinner, Can You Hate The Savior”; Stephen McMaster “Sinai”; John delRe “Berne”; Josh Barnett “Doomsday”; John Alexander “Lovely Vine”; John Daniel delRe “Dublin”; Kelly Kennedy “Rhode Island”; Dan Hunter “Pennsylvania”; Lynda Hamburger “Marcia”; Nathan Berry “Consolation New”; Susan Green “Jolly Soldier”; Kelly Macklin “Absent Love”; Leyland delRe “Converse”; Kathy Manning “Walpole”; Liz Meitzler “Tho’ Dark Be My Way”; Ben Hartland “Bowen”.


The class was called back to order with leaders choosing selections from either the packet of Shenandoah Harmony songs or the Sacred Harp. Leaders: Susan Green 32t; Kelly Kennedy “Springfield”; Elizabeth Betts 25t; Cathryn Bearov 532; Elena Nichol 159; Will Polaski 408; Marty DeNys 299; Lucy Roberts 352; Pat Temple 232; Stephen McMaster 268; Nathan Berry 122; Dan Hunter 396; Kathy Kaiser and Leslie Booher 203; Zach Bullock and Matt Drumheller 76b; Liz Meitzler and Adrienne Robertson 312b.

The session was brought to a close by Ben Hartland leading “Overton”. The closing prayer was offered by Sandra Polaski.

Chairman—Ben Hartland; Vice Chairperson—Adrienne Robertson; Secretary—Bev Yaeger