Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Reid Memorial

County Line Church, Corner, Alabama

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 93rd session of the Reid Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Danny Creel leading 36b. The morning prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin.

The following officers were previously elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Danny Creel; Honorary Vice Chairperson—Kathleen Robbins; Acting Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Arranging Officers—Cindy Tanner and Jackie Tanner; Secretary—Lucy Heidorn.

Leaders: Ken Tate 56t, 417 (for Charles Creel); Lucy Heidorn 216 (for Charles Creel and in memory of Marie Aldridge); Kathy Robinson 48t (in memory of Mattie Creel), 142 (for Kathleen Robbins); Don Keeton 480, 457; Margie Smith 108t, 101t; Terry Hullett 371, 335; Gravis Ballinger 215, 112; Tim Cook 350; Hannah Tate 358; Ernestine Parker 81t; Ed Thacker 478, 213t; Marlin Beasley 89, 349; Henry Guthery 456.


The class was called to order by Danny Creel leading 76b. Leaders: Jerry Ryan 373 (for Charles Creel), 408 (in memory of Marie Aldridge); Betty Baccus 168; Lomax Ballinger 421, 300; Nate Green and Norma Green 60, 222; Linda Sides 530 (for Ottis Sides), 498 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Eugene Forbes 189, 208; Judy Caudle 192 (in memory of LaRue Allen), 301; Lisa Geist 377, 532 (in memory of Edith Tate); Paula Oliver 430, 217; Margaret Thacker 135, 569b (for Betty Wright).


The class was called to order by Ken Tate leading 147t. Leaders: David Heidorn and Lucy Heidorn 143 (in memory of Charlotte McCarn), 146; Kathy Williams 276, 472; Elizabeth Keeton, Glenn Keeton, Isabella Keeton, and Matthew Keeton 235, 30t; Joan Aldridge 475 (in memory of Flarce Creel), 228; Margaret Keeton 402; Henry Johnson 138t, 390; Susan Cherones 481; Cheyenne Ivey 73t. The blessing for lunch was offered by Jerry Ryan.


The class was called to order by Ken Tate leading 114. Leaders: Yancey Jett 339 (in memory of Earnie Jett); Yancey Jett, Emily Burleson, and Shelley Calvert 342 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Linda Thomas 131b; Chris Ballinger 111b, 110; Amber Davis and Clarissa Springfield 448b, 78; Darrell Swarens 72b; Darrell Swarens and Cindy Tanner 198; Julianna Jett 99, 88t (in memory of Marie Aldridge); Larry Ballinger 209; B.M. Smith 284; Rodney Ivey 432 (in memory of John Etheridge); Ann Jett and Julianna Jett 319, 410t; Richard Mauldin 84, 66; Willodean Barton 454; Emily Burleson 477, 436 (for Kathleen Robbins); Jackie Tanner 318 (in memory of Pauline Childers); Virginia Watts and Sandy Parker 274t; Angela Myers 270, 30b; SuNell Ellis 155, 340; Paula Springfield 91, 380; Wanda Capps 200; Wanda Capps and Yancey Jett 144; Edie Richardson and Ken Tate 159; Philip Gilmore 348b; Cindy Tanner 275b.

After announcements, Danny Creel and Ken Tate led 271t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Henry Guthery.

Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Secretary—Lucy Heidorn