Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maidencreek All-Day Singing

Maidencreek Friends Meetinghouse, Leesport, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bethany Towne opened the 17th annual Sacred Harp singing at the Maidencreek Friends Meetinghouse by leading 33b. Ruth Wampler offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bethany Towne; Treasurer—Don Jantzi; Secretary—Julia Seidenstein.

Leaders: Julia Seidenstein 48t; Don Jantzi 515; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 31b; Ruth Wampler 394; Barbara Hohenstein 163t; Ted Stokes 37b; Kelly Kennedy 26; Doug Kurtze 472; Don Coppock 49t; Erin Kelly 72b; Nancy Britton 511; Tom Stokes 95; Rachel Hall 99; Aldo Ceresa 182; Erin Johnson-Hill 268; Kimberly Haas 63.


Bethany Towne called the class back to order by leading 106. Leaders: Laura Densmore 29t; Elizabeth Pilar 373; Lynne Hoyt 235; Leon Pulsinelle 543; Nancy Mandel 505; Ina Shea 548; Sue Hanson 372; Brian How 547; Roland Hutchinson 553; Deidra Montgomery 195; Don Jantzi 34b; Sam Kleinman 298; Terry Ryan 538; Sonia Chin 442; Jim Strube 426b.


Bethany Towne called the class back together by leading 277. Leaders: Guy Bankes 315; Mairi Ellen Quodomine 222.

Aldo Ceresa gave a brief lesson on the Union Choral Harmony, a German shape-note tune book, and led 59b “Williamstown” in English and German.

Leaders: Dennis Leipold 189; Doron Henkin 391.

Eileen Metzger and Tom Metzger conducted the memorial lesson. Eileen spoke, and read the following names of sick and shut-ins: David Wampler, Skip Trout, Dennis Cinelli, Louis Mullen, Peter Cernansky, Melyssa Bridge, Thomas Rue, Jeffrey Kurtze, Tom Hunter, Olga Haas, and Jack Lindberg. Eileen led 430 in their honor.

Tom Metzger read the following names of the deceased: Robert Wert—Indiana; John Merritt—Mississippi; Alice Fahrbach—Michigan; Harrison Creel—Alabama; Joseph Ost—Kansas; Luke Newswanger, Norman Sauder, Ginny Hazel, and James Wyllie—Pennsylvania; Philip Ginnetti—Pennsylvania/Ohio; Jennifer Maples—Massachusetts; Gladys Wiedorn—Florida; Frank Evans—Virginia; Jean Hanss and Paul Metzger—New York. Tom led 108t in their memory. Ruth Wampler closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Becky Wright 65; Angharad Davis 183; Cheri Hardy 196; Barbara Swetman 203; Gina Balestracci 180; Al McCready 417; Michael Nord 436. Drew Smith offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Rachel Hall leading 313b. Leaders: Emma Rose Brown 498; Hal Kunkel 89; Gerry Hoffman 236; Drew Smith 34t; Kevin Griffin Moreno 396; Katy Kanfer 422; Jackson Fleder 112; Claudene Townson and Larry Wootten 176b; Rachel Rudi 290; Chris Holley 348b; Ian Quinn 434; Douglas Bugle, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, and Tom Stokes 242; Elizabeth Stoddard 399b; Tom Metzger 29b; Merv Horst 282; Liz Cantrell 456; Lorah Hopkins 320; Natalie Jablonski 425.


Emma Rose Brown and Rachel Rudi called the class back together by leading 87. Leaders: Carol Stevens 549: Katie White and Aldo Ceresa 449; Clare Chapin 163b; Diane Mennella 542; Steve Hoyt 105; Gwen Gethner 270; Susanne Munch 370; Eileen Metzger 58; Carol Huang 377; Aaron Weiss 287; Dan Hunter 181.

After announcements, Bethany Towne led 56t as the closing song. Ruth Wampler offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bethany Towne; Secretary—Julia Seidenstein