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Central Ontario All-Day Singing

Detweiler Meetinghouse, North Dumfries, Ontario, Canada

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The 9th annual Central Ontario All-Day Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Gillian Inksetter leading 145t. May Tettero offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Gillian Inksetter 171; Pleasance Crawford 492, 391; Anne Evers 566, 268; Frank Griggs 182, 183; Jan May 474, 276; James Page 193, 272; Barbara Swetman 567, 312t; Shawn Fenton 47t, 228; Katie White 155, 547; Bob Borcherding 569b, 269; Jan Ketelle 163t, 327; Chuck Crawford 546, 225t; Susan Hengelsberg 504, 294.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Gillian Inksetter; Arranging Officer—Pleasance Crawford; Treasurer—Anne Evers; Secretary—Sue Woodward.


Hanna Barlow brought the class to order leading 312b. Leaders: Steve Rogers 68b, 300; Anne Missavage 454, 383; Carl Bear 39t, 146; Leah Wilde 63, 178; Tom Evers and Anne Evers 108t; John Seaton 186, 47b; Idy Kiser 34b, 108b; David Stowe163b, 147t; Ann Miczulski 361, 101t.

Elizabeth Barlow and Ellen Torrie conducted the memorial lesson. They led 122 for the following deceased: Tom Schultz and Emily-Rose Walker—Ontario; Danya Klie—Maine; Lonnie Rogers—Georgia; John Merritt—Mississippi; Marie Ivey—Alabama; Frank Evans—Virginia; Joe Yeats—Michigan; Dominic Ziegler—California; Philip Trier—Illinois.

They then led 107 for the following sick and shut-ins: Jeneene Bejnarowicz, Monica Graf, Jack Lindberg, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Marie Loughlin, Wendell Crist, and Elaine Ganby.

Leaders: Nicoletta Rogers 538, 299; Gerry Hoffman 362, 142. Gillian Inksetter led the Lutheran Table as grace before dinner.


Chuck Crawford brought the class to order leading 36b. Leaders: Ann Sleeva 415, 464; Tom Evers 81t, 448t; Lois Hurt 145b, 551; Cecelia Kramer 380, 71; Steve Rogers, Nicoletta Rogers, and Will Stoltz “Geneva” (NHS/HS 85/96 in acknowledgment of Detweiler Meeting House Harmonia Sacra tradition); Ted Mercer 80t, 468; Elizabeth Barlow 535; Evelyn Lamb 506, 66; Len Vanderjagt 99; Melanie Hauff 216, 306; Ellen Torrie 86, 64; Judy Hauff 536, 172.


Jan May brought the class back to order by leading 344. Leaders: Shawn Fenton 112; James Page “Singing School” (Union Harmony) (in acknowledgment of Canadian heritage); Jan Ketelle 368; Susan Hengelsberg 175; Carl Bear 128; John Seaton 49b; Katie White 40; Melanie Hauff 203; Ann Sleeva 313b; David Stowe 318; Judy Hauff 528; Barbara Swetman 148; Ted Mercer 217; Evelyn Lamb 542; Gerry Hoffman 270.

Gillian Inksetter thanked all who had traveled to the singing and all who helped make it a success. The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary and Arranging Officer reported that singers from one province (Ontario) and seven states (California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) had attended, with 35 leaders and 89 songs sung.

Following announcements, Gillian Inksetter led 347 as the closing song. May Tettero offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Gillian Inksetter; Secretary—Sue Woodward