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John Etheridge Singing
(Memorial to Winston Jones and Doss Bryan)

Valley Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Opp, Alabama

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The John Etheridge Singing in memorial to Winston Jones and Doss Bryan was held at Valley Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Opp, Alabama, on the fourth Sunday in July. Song selections are from the B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition. The class was called to order by Wayne Jones leading 225t and 76b. The opening prayer was offered by Bill Aplin.

Tim Jones led 293b and 553b. The introductory lesson was directed by Frank Strickland leading 108b, 505, and 464. Leaders: Ken Kelley 482; Learvene Bass 72 (t? b?); Billy Kelley 100; Judy Caudle 567; Ken Sundberg 442; Mary Whitehurst 32t; Larry Shaw 478; Wynette Smith 122.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Wayne Jones; Vice Chairman—Tim Jones; Secretary—Barbara Jones.


The class was called to order by Wayne Jones leading 54t. Leaders: Joe Nall 338; Angela Myers 380t; Loyd Ivey 116; Janet King 82 (t? b?); Claude Nall 515; Cheyenne Ivey 129; Leland Phillips 522; Susan Cherones 392; Edd Bass 309; Ernest Cockcroft 341.


Tim Jones called the class to order leading 63. Wayne Jones made remarks about the history of the singing. Mike Jones led 159 and 416t in memory of Doss Bryan. Tim Jones led 283 in memory of Winston Jones. Rodney Ivey and Tim Jones led 86, 356 (?), and 398b in memory of John Etheridge. Bill Aplin made remarks about Winston, Doss, and John to close the memorial session.

Leaders: Chip Westbrook 127; Loretta Jones 285 (t? b?); Lloyd Jones 45t; Eva Padgett 507b; Linda Westbrook 348t; Michael Jones 282; Tommie Spurlock 73t; Vickie Aplin 377t; Bill Aplin 514 (?). Wayne Jones led 369, and Tommie Spurlock offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The class sang 96 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Wayne Jones 330t; Rhonda Harrison 573; Judy Caudle 355; Angela Myers 559 (?); Loyd Ivey 540; Claude Nall 572; Susan Cherones 40; Rodney Ivey 133; Tommie Spurlock 120; Linda Westbrook 229; John Brownell 571; Lloyd Jones 463; Loretta Jones 465; Chip Westbrook 107t; Ernest Cockcroft 264b (?); Edd Bass 68b; Leland Phillips 447; Joe Nall 171; Wynette Smith 49b; Larry Shaw 64; Mary Whitehurst 48t; Ken Sundberg 438b; Merlene Hughes 174; Billy Kelley 491; Ken Kelley 300; Rhonda Harrison 145b.

Announcements were made. Tim Jones and Ernest Cockcroft led 95 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Ernest Cockcroft.

Chairman—Wayne Jones; Vice Chairman—Tim Jones; Secretary—Barbara Jones