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Southern Wisconsin All-Day Singing

Plum Grove Church, Folklore Village Farm, Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 25th annual Southern Wisconsin All-Day Singing was held at Plum Grove Church, Folklore Village Farm, Dodgeville, Wisconsin, on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Marjorie Matthews leading 34b. Carl Houtman offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Dick Dunagan and Val Dunagan 217; Carl Houtman 171; Chelsea Myers 276; Jan Ketelle 168; Julie Vea 218; Martha Beverly 197 (for Nancy Yeager); Randy Neufeld 38b; Bob Sullivan 503; Kim Bahmer 480; Lori Graber 368; Anne Drexler 335; Gillian Inksetter 352; Midge Olsen 454; Jeannine Oakes 163b; Bill Beverly 547; Paul Wyatt 207; Roberta Strauss 436.

A business meeting was held with the following officer elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Daniel Myers; Arranging Officer—Jim Page; Chaplains—Carl Houtman and David Hoffelt; Finance Committee—Johanna Fabke and Chelsea Myers; Secretary—Val Dunagan.


Johanna Fabke called the class to order leading 148. Leaders: Susan Geil 52t; Jan May 474; Peggy Mistak 496; Janet Fraembs 532; Hans Guttmann 282; Ryan Wheeler 417; Colette Miller and Francis Gurtz 472; Peggy Brayfield 28t; Gordon Olsen 277.

Julie Vea and Jim Page conducted the memorial lesson. Julie Vea led 430 for the following sick and shut-ins: Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Mark Crawford, Mary Sutherland, Stacey Berkheimer, Meg Stauffer, Jim Hearne, Coy Ivey, and John Merritt.

Jim Page led 209 for the following deceased: Joyce Anderson, Robert E. McKee, and Robert Crawford—Wisconsin; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Dennis Murphy—Vermont; Mary Florence Smith and Colonel George Stapleton—Georgia; George Jones—Texas; Ernestine Pipkin, Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, Cecil Sanders—Alabama; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Tom Keith—Minnesota; John Blattner—Maryland; Ed Hinderberger—Missouri; Robbie Nichols—California; Beth Kirby—Michigan. Carl Houtman closed the memorial service with prayer.

Becky Browne led 564. The lunch blessing was offered by Carl Houtman.


Daniel Myers called the class to order leading 49t. Leaders: Jeanette Nelson 272; Kit Canright 112; Martha Pinder 64; Claudia Egelhoff 556; Penny Kujawinski 200; Bruce Vogles 344; David Hoffelt 169; Steven Levine 350; Gary Gronau 384; Evelyn Lamb 33b; Noelle Copeland 228; Lou Kujawinski 216; Melissa Kelley 383; Sasha Maslanka and Judy Hauff 107; Will Gilman 421; Jim Helke 568; Donna Gunderson-Rogers 464; Michael Appert 84; Annie Grieshop 186; Johanna Fabke and Chelsea Myers 475.


Daniel Myers and Carl Houtman called the class to order leading 178. Leaders: Nick Pascual 195; Denise Kania 500; Judy Hauff 411; Michael Moore 460; Daniel Myers 284; Jim Pfau 274t; Ted Mercer 372; Eleanor Haase 142; Karen Isbell 377; Anna Pfau 318; Carol Crawford 61; Cathy Lutz 99; Marjorie Matthews 198; Melanie Hauff 271t.


Peter Bradley called the class to order leading 300. Leaders: Jim Page 189; Jim Crawford and Carol Crawford 546; Peter Bradley 351; Gillian Inksetter 34t; Janet Fraembs and Jim Helke 378b; Becky Browne and Gary Gronau 192; Jan May 146; Peggy Brayfield 319; Penny Kujawinski 39b; Lou Kujawinski 515.

Daniel Myers led 347 as the closing song. David Hoffelt offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Daniel Myers; Secretary—Val Dunagan