Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pratt-Woodard Memorial Singing

Houston Congregational Church, Houston, Winston County, Alabama

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 4th annual Pratt-Woodard Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held at Houston Congregational Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. Richard Mauldin welcomed the class and called them to order by leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Glenn Keeton.

The class organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Margaret Keeton; Arranging Officer—Lena Keeton.

Leaders: Richard Mauldin 72b; Isabella Keeton, Matthew Keeton, and Glenn Keeton 30t, 47b; Josie Hyde 48t; Margaret Keeton 88t, 78; Isabella Keeton, Matthew Keeton, and Lena Keeton 89, 63; Seth Poston 276b, 358; Stella Pratt 147t, 460; Carol Fannin 145b, 399b; Lisa Geist 47t, 489; Kermit Adams 39b, 99; Faye Donaldson 129, 225t.


Glenn Keeton led 274t to call the class back together. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 274b, 75 (in memory of Travis Keeton); Steve Adams and Lisa Geist 331, 378t; Kenneth Fannin 340, 441; Josie Hyde 43. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Kenneth Fannin.


The afternoon session began with Richard Mauldin leading 32t. Leaders: Josie Hyde 234; Dylan Feezell and Carly Westmoreland 435, 445; Kenneth Fannin 235; Steve Adams and Richard Mauldin 309; Seth Allred 29b, 31t; Roma Rice 155, 475; Faye Donaldson 406; Larry Ballinger 164; Seth Allred 86; Roma Rice 565; Kermit Adams 390 (in memory of Cecil Sanders); Lisa Geist 472; Carol Fannin 125; Stella Pratt, Kasey Cutchen, Denise McCullar, Pam Dunning and her mother, Ann, and Zula Robertson 335; Seth Poston 124; Margaret Keeton 313t; Lena Keeton 546.

Richard Mauldin led 487 as the closing song. Kenneth Fannin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Margaret Keeton