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Sheffield Sacred Harp Singing Day

Our Lady and St. Thomas Church,
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The annual Sheffield Sacred Harp Singing Day was held at Our Lady and St. Thomas Church, in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the second Sunday in October. Carmel Wood welcomed everyone to Sheffield, and led 34b. Ted Brown offered an opening prayer.

Helen Brown gave a short singing school leading 36b. Leaders: Helen Brown 171; Margaret Gillanders 203; Sarah West 224; Chris Brown 225t; Michael Walker 31t; Caroline Helmeczi 77t; Ted Brown 35; Hannah Land 228; Phil Tyler 94; Linda Davies-Holmes 268; David Moore 155; Sarah Hill 27; Richard Percival 452; Michael McGuigan 108t; Judy Whiting 72b; Margaret Gillanders 314; Michael Walker 58; Helen Brown 517; Caroline Helmeczi 440; Sarah West 213b; Chris Brown 298; David Moore 236; Hannah Land 399t; Ted Brown 49b; Linda Davies-Holmes 178; Carmel Wood 198. Margaret Gillanders gave thanks for the meal and those who had prepared it.


Judy Whiting called the class to order leading 77b. Leaders: Richard Percival 313b; Sarah Hill 378b; Michael McGuigan 515.

Michael Walker conducted the memorial lesson and read the following names of the deceased: Peter Ogden, Mike Steel, John Champkin, Joan Sillito, Mike Waterson, Linda Champ, and Peter Scott—United Kingdom; Marie Ivey, Demetrius Jones, and Travis Keeton—Alabama USA; George Holland—Georgia USA.

He also spoke for the following sick and housebound: Petr Schoonganr, Brian Butcher, Judy Chambless, Jean Dean, Norma Waterson, Kathy Armstrong, Maureen Gamlin, Lonnie Rogers, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard. He led 285t, and said a prayer.

Leaders: Phil Tyler 217; Caroline Helmeczi 335; David Moore 361; Hannah Land 367; Ted Brown 445; Margaret Gillanders 150; Chris Brown 56b; Matthew Ord 274t; Carmel Wood 76b; Jo Ellis 299; Sarah West 153; Michael Walker 319; Helen Brown 475.


Matthew Ord led 89 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Judy Whiting 187; Jo Ellis 547; Richard Percival 300; Michael McGuigan 68b; Sarah Hill 211; Phil Tyler 227; Caroline Helmeczi 29t; Ted Brown 339; Sarah West 565; David Moore 344; Hannah Land 270; Margaret Gillanders 278t; Jo Ellis 192; Helen Brown 365; Matthew Ord 282; Michael Walker 103; Sarah Hill 276; Phil Tyler 108b; Chris Brown and Judy Whiting 354t; Carmel Wood 53.

Carmel Wood led 235 as the closing song. Helen Brown offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Carmel Wood; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders