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Special Singing in Celebration of the Marriage
of Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg

Newton Highlands Congregational Church, Newton, Massachusetts

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The singing was brought to order by Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg leading 30t. Blake Sisemore offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Co-Chairpersons—Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg; Vice Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Kelsey Sunderland and Joanne Fuller; Chaplains—Blake Sisemore and Jean Seiler.

Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 77b; Joanne Fuller 32t; Kelsey Sunderland 82t; Bill Holt 52t; Elizabeth Stoddard 31t; Chuck Micciche 146; Joanne DeVoe 327; Alex Jones 34b; Corey Walters 189; Lauren Hamilton 111b; Yael Tarshish 440; Cristin McMurray 179; James Baumgartner 192; Chris Holley 283; Eileen Willie 318; Laura Keeler 208; Ian McGullam 306; Philippa Stoddard 411; Bobbie Goodell 474; Terry Ryan 193; Allie Mandell 114.


Aldo Ceresa called the class back to order leading 106. Leaders: Robert Stoddard 486; Jan-Erik Steel, Allison Steel, and Calum Steel 33b; Neely Bruce 254; Anne Kazlauskas 195; Carol Huang 196; Mary Skidmore 228; Ben Vincent 383; Lilah Anderson and Ben Bath 300.

Aldo Ceresa conducted a short singing school and led 49b.

Jesse Karlsberg led 48t with Robert, Carole, Kevin, and Scott Kunstadt and Yojaira Alvarez. Leaders: John Holbrook 475; Kathe Pilibosian 532. Jean Seiler gave the blessing for the noon meal.


Jesse Karlsberg brought the class to order leading 392. Leaders: Emma Rose Brown 426b; Oliver Stokes 398; Paula Picton and Lynne deBenedette 215; Jeannette DePoy 542; Diane Mennella 436; Richard Ivey and Nick Kinsey 384; Richard Ivey and Kelsey Sunderland 39b (for Marie Ivey).

The arranging committee recognized Lauren Bock, the bride, to lead as many songs as she wished. Lauren Bock and Shelley Bock 186; Lauren Bock, Aldo Ceresa, Anna Hendrick, Diane Mennella, and Greg Mulkern 182; Lauren Bock, Jesse Karlsberg, Jean Seiler, Joanne and David Fuller, Alex Jones, Aurelie Massimine, Pamela Regan, Mary Skidmore, Claudia Smigelski, and Eileen Willie 217; Lauren Bock, Jesse Karlsberg, Jeannette and Scott DePoy, Richard Ivey, Nathan Rees, and Blake Sisemore 216. The arranging committee then called on Jesse Karlsberg, the groom, to lead as many songs as he wished. Jesse Karlsberg and Neely Bruce 298; Jesse Karlsberg and Aldo Ceresa 550; Jesse Karlsberg and Jean Seiler 480 (for George Seiler); Jesse Karlsberg, Armando Matthew Mastrogiovanni, Ojan Vafai, Carolyn Vega, and Curtis Yee 45t; Jesse Karlsberg, Bernice Karlsberg-Casso, and Harriette Pearlman 472; Jesse, Jarett, Jenna, Mark, and Linda Karlsberg 107; Jesse Karlsberg, Lauren Bock, Ben Bath, Leah Dagen, Lauren Hamilton, and Allie Mandell 46; Jesse Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 234.


Kshama Ananthapura brought the class to order leading 203. Leaders: Greg Mulkern 188; Blake Sisemore 507; Deidra Montgomery and Anna Hendrick 227; Scott DePoy 274t; Jean Seiler 492; Nathan Rees and Blake Sisemore 380; Ines Lüttgen and Emily Tocci 38b; Barbara Swetman 484; Al McCready and Stephanie Fida 282; Becky Wright 322; D.J. Hatfield 352; Gillie Campbell and Jean Seiler 68b; Doron Henkin 377; Liz Cantrell 538; Leah Dagen 112; Ben Bath 326; Anna Nowogrodzki 40; Tom Malone 278t; Cory Noel and Aldo Ceresa 187; George Pomfret and Bob Parr 391.

Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg led 62 as the closing song and those who wished took the parting hand. Blake Sisemore gave the closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairpersons—Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg; Vice-Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Secretaries—Kelsey Sunderland and Joanne Fuller