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Maine All-Day Singing

1840 Old Town House, Union, Maine

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 9th annual Maine All-Day Singing was held at the Union Town House in Union, Maine, on Saturday before the last Sunday in July. The class was called to order by Peter Golden leading 31b. The opening prayer was offered by Corrone Bryant.

Leaders: Chris Holley 371; Edith Berger 290; Terry Ryan 148; Elizabeth Stoddard 141; Hal Booth 287; Pleasance Crawford 424; Robin Honaker 59; Robert Stoddard 283; Patricia Callahan 477; Ian Ludders 298; Liz Cantrell 318; Chuck Crawford 106; Bobbie Goodell 42; Corrone Bryant 73b; Masti-Denise Mayrand 82t; Leonard Spencer 250; Barbara Swetman 35; Ian Quinn 68t; Chuck Micciche 79; Mary Skidmore 27; Somen Goodman 47b.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Peter Golden; Vice Chairman—Chris Holley; Treasurer—Corrone Bryant; Secretary—Patricia Callahan.


The class was called back together by Robert Stoddard leading 277. Leaders: Al McCready 155; Philippa Stoddard 391; Ron Bornick 178; Peter Golden 68b; Scott Luscombe 430; Ines Lüttgen 339; Tom Malone 560.

Liz Cantrell and Chuck Micciche conducted the memorial lesson. Chuck Micciche led 474 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Mary Farrell, Cheryl Stroud, Ruth Ann Bryant, Joanne Sniegowski, Michelle Wallace, John Merritt, Travis Keeton, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, Shelbie Sheppard, John Pratt, Kate Kleber, and Jean Ayotte.

Liz Cantrell spoke, and led 146 in remembrance of the following deceased: Pam Mount—Maine; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Amy Ayotte—California and Massachusetts; Phyllis Bruce and Jeannette McCready—Connecticut; Dennis Murphy—Vermont; Eunice Luscombe—New Hampshire; George Seiler and Virginia Luscombe—New York; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Tybele Frankel—Ohio; Ernestine Pipkin and Billy Williams—Alabama; George Jones—Texas; Mary Florence Smith—Georgia; Barbara Stoddard—North Carolina; Joyce Anderson—Wisconsin; Chris Compston—Washington; Anna Sigut—Switzerland. Corrone Bryant closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Joanne Fuller 65; James Page 168; Liz Meitzler 142; Bill Beverly 191; Lauren Bock 411; Greg Mulkern 196; Margaret Bornick 192; Dan Hertzler 484; Michael Walker 227; Martha Beverly 532; Aldo Ceresa 556; Mary Jo Shafer 335; Bill Holt 550. Aine Ui Chealleigh sang ár nAthair (The Lord’s Prayer) in Irish, as a blessing before the noon meal.


Chris Holley called the class back together leading 111b. Leaders: Ines Lüttgen 230; Ron Bornick 454; Pleasance Crawford 91; Somen Goodman 269; Bobbie Goodell 496; Robert Stoddard 362; Liz Meitzler 55; Michael Walker 436; Martha Beverly 546; Tom Malone 195; Lauren Bock 434; Bill Beverly 547; Elizabeth Stoddard 564; Ian Quinn 75; Aldo Ceresa 218; Joanne Fuller 439; Greg Mulkern 500; Liz Cantrell 538; James Page 254; Philippa Stoddard 455; Scott Luscombe 506; Patricia Callahan 383; Ian Ludders 396; Mary Jo Shafer 225t; Corrone Bryant 523.

A business session was held, and Kathe Pilobosian was elected as the chairperson for the 10th annual Maine All-Day Singing to be held in 2012. Leonard Spencer gave a short description of the history of Moxie, a tonic or soda, created in 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson in Union, Maine.


The class was called back to order by Bobbie Goodell leading 40. Leaders: Terry Ryan 193; Barbara Swetman 448t; Bruce Voyles 236; Mary Skidmore 352; Al McCready 282; Margaret Bornick 448b; Leonard Spencer 320; Dan Hertzler 490; Bill Holt 384; Peter Golden 425; Masti-Denise Mayrand 73t; Chuck Crawford 288; Robin Honaker 63; Edith Berger 270; Hal Booth 198; Michael Walker and family 72b.

Announcements were made. The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met. The Arranging Committee, Elizabeth Stoddard and Terry Ryan, reported that 72 singers from 12 states, and 3 countries (including 2 provinces of Canada) were registered. Eighty-eight lessons were led by 42 singers.

Peter Golden led 62 as the closing song. Corrone Bryant offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Peter Golden; Vice Chairman—Chris Holley; Treasurer—Corrone Bryant; Secretary—Patricia Callahan