Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Sacred Harp Convention

Lennoxville, Quebec, and Ways Mills, Quebec

July 8-9, 2011

Friday evening, July 8

The class was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chuck Neville, who offered prayer, and then led 47t.

Leaders: Somen Goodman 569b; Scott Luscombe 39t; Ines Salzer 448b; Howard Katz 99t; Kathleen Manning 448t; Jackie Hall 40; Emily Tocci 111t; Masti Mayrand 82t; Cathy Brochet 86; Phil Dutton 504; Somen Goodman 168; Scott Luscombe 353; Ines Salzer 445; Howard Katz 48t; Kathleen Manning 73t; Mary Jo Shafer 33b; Pat Callahan 112; Bobbie Goodell 171.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Chuck Neville; Secretary—Ruth Doerfler.


Chuck Neville led 347 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Dara Weiss 276; Max Kelly 209; Jackie Hall 410t; Emily Tocci 547; Masti Mayrand 515; Cathy Brochet 503; Mary Neville 228; Phil Dutton 163b; Patrick Dedauw 146; Somen Goodman 47b; Scott Luscombe 334; Pat Callahan 30t; Ines Salzer 377; Chuck Neville 288.

A prayer was offered by Chuck Neville to close the session.

Saturday, July 9

The Saturday session of the Quebec Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Chuck Neville. He offered the morning prayer, and then led 68b.

Leaders: Sue Dewelle 497; Dara Weiss 32t; Max Kelley 183; Bobbie Goodell 40; Emily Tocci 312b; Scott Luscombe 181; Pat Gilchrist 546; Ines Salzer 176t; Mary Neville 480; Phil Dutton 344; Patrick Dedauw 122; Somen Goodman 48t; Howard Katz 481; Kathleen Manning 186; Mary Jo Shafer 335; Janet Ross Snyder 228.


Chuck Neville led 162 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Haley Lewis 318; Max Kelley 155; Leonard Spencer 95; Mary Jo Shafer 229; Wendy Gilchrist 44; Carol Dempsey 168; Patrick Dedauw 165.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Leonard Spencer, who read the list of names of those who were deceased as follows: Fortin Daughter—Vermont; Barbara Stoddard—North Carolina; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Derwood Cunnington—Quebec; Patty Van Dyne—Pennsylvania; George Seiler, Virginia Luscombe, Sidney Katz, and Cynthia Katz—New York. He led 499.

Leonard Spencer read the list of names of the sick and shut-ins as follows: Cheryl Stroud, Meredith Akey, Remi Paillard, Poppy Gregory, John Merritt, Stella Acelas, and Karen Keeler. Leonard then led 454.

Leaders: Pat Callahan 510; Sue Dewelle 410t; Dara Weiss 277; Max Kelley 203; Bobbie Goodell 472; Bill Holt 473; Eric Hilldebrand 551; Scott Luscombe “Golden Streets”; David Highlander 178; Phil Dutton 269. Chuck Neville offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Chuck Neville leading 49b. Leaders: Ines Salzer 383; Mary Neville 528; Emily Tocci 299; Patrick Dedauw 82t; Somen Goodman 143; Howard Katz 362; Kathleen Manning 442; David Baretta 272; Bill Holt 306; Eric Hilldebrand 532; Cathy Brochet 523; Mary Jo Shafer 288. A singing school lesson was conducted by Howard Katz on the subject of common time.


Leaders: Max Kelley 117; Leonard Spencer 260; Wendy Gillchrist 56b; Carol Dempsey 270; Dara Weiss 345b; Janet Ross Snyder 71; Masti Mayrand 131b; Scott Luscombe 506; Cathy Brochet 163b; Phil Dutton 390; Inez Salzer 564; Kathleen Manning 365; Mary Neville 378b; Mary Jo Schafer 101t; Bobbie Goodell 496; Peter 448t; Elka Schumann 198; Max Dedauw 146; Kathleen Manning 515; Mary Neville 217; Ezra (no last name listed) 136.

Chuck Neville led 62 as the closing song. He offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chuck Neville; Secretary—Ruth Doerfler