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Augusta Sacred Harp Singing

Augusta Old Line Primitive Baptist Church, Martinez, Georgia

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 2nd annual Augusta Sacred Harp Singing was held at Augusta Old Line Primitive Baptist Church, 3646 Old Petersburg Road, Martinez, Georgia, on Saturday before the second Sunday in May. Agnes Roberts began the meeting at 9:30 a.m. A singing school and history was conducted by Gene Pinion, who explained the shaped notes used and four part harmony sung by Sacred Harp singers.

Agnes Roberts welcomed the class and led 59. Elder Dwayne Hooven, pastor of Augusta Old Line Primitive Baptist Church, gave the welcome from the church, and offered the opening prayer. Agnes Roberts selected John Gentry for the Arranging Committee.


The class was called to order by Agnes Roberts. Leaders: Suzanne Walker 33t; Nancy Wheless 146; John Jenkins 52b; Gene Pinion 569b; Frank de Bolt 515; Agnes Roberts 143; Leslie Booher 155; Sharon Strong 484; Suzanne Walker 228; Nancy Wheless 457; John Gentry 383; Gene Pinion 207; Frank de Bolt 452; Agnes Roberts 358.


Agnes Roberts and Leslie Booher called the class back to order by leading 81t. Leaders: Sharon Strong 410t; Suzanne Walker 276; Nancy Wheless 63; John Gentry 442; Gene Pinion 154; Frank de Bolt 503; Agnes Roberts 186; Mary Cicotello 72b; Leslie Booher 47b; Sharon Strong 162; Suzanne Walker 39t; Nancy Wheless 142; John Gentry 134; Gene Pinion 47t; Frank de Bolt 361; Agnes Roberts 46; Mary Cicotello 45t; Leslie Booher 448t.


Agnes Roberts and Sharon Strong called the class back to order leading 479. Leaders: Suzanne Walker 76t; Nancy Wheless 128; John Gentry 368; Frank de Bolt 99; Gene Pinion 137; Agnes Roberts 120; Leslie Booher 77b; Joyce Heath 40; Sharon Strong 384; Suzanne Walker 209; Nancy Wheless 312b; John Gentry 354t; Frank de Bolt 323b; Gene Pinion 217; Agnes Roberts 100; Leslie Booher 73b; Joyce Heath 159; Sharon Strong 438; Suzanne Walker 77t; Nancy Wheless 178.


Agnes Roberts and John Gentry called the class back to order leading 117. Frank de Bolt led 334. The class entered into a short business session at this point. The following officers were elected to serve in 2012: Chairman—Joyce Heath; Vice Chairman—Rabon Holton; Secretary—Diane Goldman. The group elected to hold the singing annually on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May. Contributions were collected. It was noted that $40 was being held from the previous year to be applied to the printing of the minutes for this year’s singing.

Leaders: Gene Pinion 45b; Agnes Roberts 30t; Suzanne Walker 145t; Joyce Heath 335; Leslie Booher 163b; Sharon Strong 504; John Gentry 38b; Frank de Bolt 36b; Nancy Wheless 208; Gene Pinion 147t; Agnes Roberts 32t; Suzanne Walker 337; Joyce Heath 354b; Leslie Booher 268; Sharon Strong 278t.

Agnes Roberts thanked all who attended and helped with this year’s singing. Class members used The Sacred Harp (1991 Revision) song book which was published by Sacred Harp Publishing Company, Inc.

Joyce Heath led 62 as the closing song. Suzanne Walker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed. Announcements were made after class was dismissed.

Chairman—Agnes Roberts; Vice Chairman—Rabon Holton; Secretary—Diane Goldman