Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Alewine-Laminack Memorial Singing

St. Michael Lutheran Church, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The annual Alewine-Laminack Memorial Singing was held on the fourth Sunday in April at St. Michael Lutheran Church, north of Muscadine, Cleburne County, Alabama. Cecil Roberts called the class to order leading 59, and then welcomed everyone to the Easter Sunday singing. The morning prayer was offered by Ed Thacker.

Leaders: Cecil Roberts 32t; Stanley Edwards 61, 129; Donna Bell 339 (in memory of Corene Laminack), 314.

In a business session, the class voted to retain the same officers as follows: Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Stanley Edwards; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith.

Leaders: B.M. Smith 73t, 503; Judy Chambless 467, 501; John Plunkett 156, 275t; Reba Windom 408 (for Louis Hughes), 409; Henry Johnson 385t, 375; Virginia Dyer 63, 155; Jeff Sheppard 297, 273.


The class was called back to order by Stanley Edwards leading 110. Leaders: Charlene Wallace 117 (for Carlene Griffin), 133; Ed Thacker 436, 373; Robert Chambless 176b, 163b; Tony Hammock 111b (in memory of Corene Laminack), 111t; Ken McElroy 294 (dedicated to his granddaddy, Harold McElroy), 87; Oscar McGuire 336, 171; Margie Smith 569b.


The class resumed singing with Cecil Roberts leading 480. He thanked the class for $371.50 and asked that the amount be noted in the minutes. The money will be used for the upkeep of the church and cemetery. Lutheran services have not been held at this location for approximately 70 (t? b?) to 80 years. Cecil Roberts and singers thanked the McElroy family for their faithfulness in maintaining the church and cemetery.

Leaders: Judy Chambless 66, 82t; Donna Bell 430 (for Teenie Moody), 441 (in memory of Mary Florence Smith); John Plunkett 335; Reba Windom 236; Henry Johnson 338. Cecil Roberts blessed the noon meal at the table.


The afternoon session of singing began with Cecil Roberts leading 229. Leaders: Richard DeLong 214, 513; Ed Thacker 220; Oscar McGuire 485; Charlene Wallace 347; Robert Chambless 84; Tony Hammock 267 (in memory of Mary Florence Smith); Ken McElroy 358 (for Lucille McElroy); Jeff Sheppard 340; Stanley Edwards 504; B.M. Smith 540, 448b (for Margie Smith); Richard DeLong 399b.

Following announcements, Cecil Roberts and Stanley Edwards led 56t as the closing song. Ed Thacker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Cecil Roberts; Vice Chairman—Stanley Edwards; Secretary—Donna Bell