Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oak Grove Church

Alpharetta, Georgia

November 10, 1996

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Oak Grove Church was held on the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Helen Bryson leading songs on pages 34b and 35. The morning prayer was led by Elder Charles Cagle. Leaders: Loy Garrison 171, 50b; Elder Charles Cagle 123t; Richard DeLong 121, 131b, 139; Frances Mary D’Andrea 155, 47t, 49b; Jeanette DePoy 100, 278t, 475; Mary Lou Cagle 208, 424, 143; Jack Corley 123b, 136, 270.


The class was called together by Helen Bryson leading song on page 287. Leaders: Ray Richards 111b, 128; Brother Bobby Cagle 138b, 43, 283; Charles Cagle, Jr. 544b, 490; Dolly Hudgins 61, 82 (t? b?); Susan Posey 503, 501. The class was organized, and voted to keep the same officers: Chairman—Helen Bryson; Vice Chairman—Loy Garrison; Secretary—Dorothy Garrison. Richard DeLong led songs on pages 513, 482 and 41.


The afternoon session was brought together by Helen Bryson leading songs on pages 88b, 166, and 213 (t? b?). Leaders: Winona Cagle 566, 499b; Kim Cagle 32 (t? b?), 176 (t? b?); Loy Garrison 531b, 565, 498; Frances Mary D’Andrea 384, 127; Susan Posey 81t, 40, 178; Jeanette DePoy 192, 460, 354t; Jack Corley 340, 332, 373. A memorial service was held, and Mary Frances D’Andrea led songs on pages 500 and 369 for the sick and shut-ins which included: Charlie Dockery, Laurie Allison, Eva Reeves, Velma Johnson, Murle Bates, Bertha Cook, and Euna DeLong. Jeanette DePoy led songs on pages 410t and 347 for the deceased: Hazel Cagle, Randolph Mincey, Henry Cook, Merle Etheridge, and Charles Dannals. The memorial was then closed. Leaders: Brother Bobby Cagle 493; Helen Bryson 196, 276; Richard DeLong 230, 426 (t? b?). After announcements were made, Helen Bryson led song on page 45t for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Charles Cagle.

Chairman—Helen Bryson; Vice Chairman—Loy Garrison; Secretary—Dorothy Garrison.