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Houston Heights Sacred Harp Singing

Heights Church of Christ, Houston, Texas

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The 7th annual Houston Heights Sacred Harp singing took place on Saturday before the first Sunday in December. Evelyn Lamb called the class to order leading 48t. Dr. Lynn Mitchell offered the invocation.

Leaders: Evelyn Lamb 49t; Robert Vaughn 50t (CB); Larry Hall 171; Gaylon Powell 244 (CB); Leon Ballinger 507b (CB); Wendy Laubach 86; Ron Ryan 174 (CB); Charity Vaughn 327; Kristie Powell 278b; Chris Nicholson 285t; Tammy Powell 542; Mel Rosenbaum 452; Cheryl Foreman 475; Carole Watts 571 (CB); Wade Price 497 (CB); Rick Foreman 66; Mike Hinton 480; Crystal Meadows 273; Sonny Erwin 391; Bruce Coates 569b; Reed Coates 306; Silas Huckaby 421; Sarah Huckaby 42.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady—Evelyn Lamb; Secretaries—Megan Smith and Crystal Meadows.


Evelyn Lamb called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Beverly Coates 168; Barbara Smith 497; Emma Smith 500 (CB); Megan Smith 163b; Carie Allen 178; Robert Vaughn 481; Larry Hall 68b; Gaylon Powell 98 (CB); Leon Ballinger 297 (CB); Wendy Laubach 186 (CB); Ron Ryan 441; Charity Vaughn 504; Kristie Powell 450 (CB); Chris Nicholson 558 (CB); Tammy Powell 138t (CB); Cheryl Foreman 66 (CB). Dr. Lynn Mitchell offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Evelyn Lamb called the class back to order leading 155 (CB). Leaders: Mel Rosenbaum 47b; Carole Watts 344; Wade Price 84 (CB); Rick Foreman 67 (CB); Mike Hinton 544 (CB); Crystal Meadows 567 (CB); Sonny Erwin 464 (CB); Bruce Coates 484 (CB); Reed Coates 133 (CB); Silas Huckaby 388; Sarah Huckaby 432; Beverly Coates 461; Barbara Smith 460; Emma Smith 573 (CB); Megan Smith 268; Carie Allen 282; Evelyn Lamb 430; Robert Vaughn 175 (CB); Gaylon Powell 225b (CB); Leon Ballinger 137 (CB); Wendy Laubach 56b; Ron Ryan 551; Charity Vaughn 440; Kristie Powell 110.


Announcements were made. Leaders: Chris Nicholson 348b; Tammy Powell 454; Mel Rosenbaum 47b; Cheryl Foreman 559 (CB); Carole Watts 380t (CB); Wade Price 192 (CB); Rick Foreman 268b (CB); Mike Hinton 318; Crystal Meadows 328; Bruce Coates 49b (CB); Reed Coates 82 (CB); Silas Huckaby 401; Sarah Huckaby 270; Beverly Coates 299; Barbara Smith 215; Emma Smith 393t (CB); Megan Smith 133.

Evelyn Lamb led 565 as the closing song. Dr. Lynn Mitchell offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Evelyn Lamb; Secretaries—Megan Smith and Crystal Meadows