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Hamrick Memorial Singing

Old Carrollton Primitive Baptist Church, Carroll County, Georgia

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The annual Hamrick Memorial singing was held the fourth Sunday in September at Old Carrollton Primitive Baptist Church, Carroll County, Georgia. The singing was in honor of Mr. Hugh McGraw for his work and dedication to Sacred Harp music. Curtis Hamrick called the class to order leading 59. Robert Chambless offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Curtis Hamrick; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Arranging Committee/Secretary—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 277, 65; Judy Chambless 494, 367; Stanley Edwards and Susan Weddell 56t, 340; Karen Rollins 350, 354t; Hayden Arp 112, 389; Robert Chambless 145b, 70t; Jeannette DePoy 129, 142; Tony Hammock 60, 102; Charlene Wallace 63, 106; B.M. Smith 441, 448b.

The class honored Mr. Hugh McGraw by leading his eight songs in the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp. Several singers spoke about how Hugh inspired them to sing and helped them learn the music. Several spoke about going on trips with Hugh to sing. Leaders: Stanley Edwards and Susan Weddell 500; Margie Smith 225t; Karen Rollins and Cecil Roberts 549; Jeannette DePoy and Mollie Ellis 570; Tony Hammock 548; Richard DeLong 517; B.M. Smith 516; Judy Chambless 527.


Richard DeLong brought the class back together by leading 331and 370. Leaders: Mollie Ellis and Katherine Grisso 77b, 378b, 111b, 95; Laura Frey and Sheri Taylor 358, 117; Virginia Dyer 155, 40; Ann Simpson 31b, 354b; Stephanie Laubscher 335, 35; Katherine Grisso 445; Tony Hammock 283; Jeannette DePoy 448t; Charlene Wallace 388; Hayden Arp 386; Robert Chambless 503; B.M. Smith 410t; Jenna Frey 401; Stanley Edwards 411; Ann Simpson 127; Mollie Ellis 157; Virginia Dyer 137; Cecil Roberts 138b; Laura Frey 178; Stephanie Laubscher 108b; Curtis Hamrick 45t.

After the announcements, Curtis Hamrick led 46 as the closing song. Doug Porter offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Curtis Hamrick, Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong, Secretary—Judy Chambless