Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northwest London Sacred Harp Singing

St. Mary’s Church, Parish Centre, Willesden,
London, United Kingdom

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 3rd annual Northwest London Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Michael Walker leading 31t. Michael welcomed everyone present. Catherine McArdle offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Michael Walker; Arranging Committee—Steve Fletcher, Nick Hall, Sofi Mogensen; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders, Nick Hall.

Leaders: Michael Walker and Catherine McArdle 350; Helen Brown 75; Sharon Langridge 171; Rachel Jordan 34b; Jan Lawrence 299; Nick Hall 479; Sheila Macadam 535; Margaret Gillanders 150; Sofi Mogensen 40; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 298; Edwin Macadam 200; Ruth Steggles 84; Ted Brown 303; Steve Fletcher and Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 85; Michael Walker 36t; Helen Brown 187; Sharon Langridge 107; Rachel Jordan 464; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 106; Nick Hall 389.


Sofi Mogensen called the class back together by leading 148. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 530; Rebecca Over 460; Sheila Macadam 500; Jan Lawrence 155; Steve Fletcher 481; Margaret Gillanders 314; Ted Brown 111b; Ruth Steggles 349; Helen Brown 392; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 134; Rachel Jordan 384; Nick Hall 455; Michael Walker 447; Sofi Mogensen 276; Edwin Macadam 466. Catherine McArdle offered grace for the noon meal.


Steve Fletcher brought the afternoon session together by leading 315. Leaders: Jan Lawrence 146; Margaret Gillanders 542; Sheila Macadam 102; Ruth Steggles 313b; Rebecca Over 562; Helen Brown 518; Sharon Langridge 503; Rachel Jordan 501; Nick Hall 147t; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 141; Edwin Macadam 548; Sheila Macadam 71; Sofi Mogensen 287; Michael Walker 360; Ruth Steggles 198; Margaret Gillanders 33b; Rebecca Over 208; Helen Brown 534; Rachel Jordan 65; Michael Walker 77t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Steve Fletcher and Martin Williams. The following deceased were remembered: Carl Lawrence, Mel Browne, Joe Hall, George Seiler, Alan White, Betty Thompson, Doreen Reeves-Eastwood; Alf Reeves-Eastwood, Glynne Williams, Erik Mogensen, Jenny Reeves, and Suzanne Parker. Steve Fletcher led 285t in their memory.

The sick and housebound lesson was conducted by Neil Rogers. The names of the sick and housebound included: David Daykin, Carlton Colcorde, Helen Bushell, Bob Meek, Lionel Wollenburg, Joyce Over-Camberley, Rita Drayson, Barbara Drayson, Lucy Chadwick, Nicki Macadam, Maureen Gamlin, Lisbeth Poulsen, and Anne Milne. Jan Lawrence led 178 for them. Ted Brown offered prayer, and the memorial and sick and housebound lessons were closed.


Sheila Macadam led 334 to call the class back to order. Leaders: Jacqui Selby-Macleod 448b; Nick Hall 478; Margaret Gillanders 225t; Steve Fletcher 274t; Rebecca Over 131b; Sofi Mogensen 228; Ruth Steggles 496; Edwin Macadam 528; Rachel Jordan 142; Jan Lawrence 47t; Nick Hall 497; Helen Brown 475; Jacqui Selby-Macleod 82t; Sheila Macadam 474; Rebecca Over 430; Sofi Mogensen 209; Steve Fletcher 128; Michael Walker 566.

Following announcements, Michael Walker led 62, and the class took the parting hand. Ruth Steggles offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Michael Walker; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders, Nick Hall