Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jordan Chapel

Newell, Randolph County, Alabama

October 27, 1996

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Jordan Chapel was held the fourth Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading songs on pages 75, 30t, 36b, 32t, and 33b. Billy Joe Harris led the morning prayer, followed by Jeff Sheppard leading songs on pages 61 and 35. The following officers were elected to serve another year: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Honorary Chairman—Rosa Hughes; Vice Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith; Arranging Committee—Hester Edwards; Memorial Committee—Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers. Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 101t, 113; Mary Florence Smith 27, 289; Billy Joe Harris 523b, 503, 340; Jimmie Denney 68b, 313t, 335; Alice Edwards 73b, 104; Milton Oliver 85, 123t, 203; Rosa Hughes 159.


The class reassembled with Billy Joe Harris leading song on page 303b. Leaders: B. M. Smith 204, 222, 475, 358; Lucille Forman 46, 277 (in memory of her father), 460, 329; Bud Oliver 39b, 73t, 145b; I. V. McWhorter 72b, 146, 371, 426t; Margie Smith 225t, 276, 569 (t? b?); Bobby Bailey 232, 278b, 45t.


The afternoon session resumed with Lonnie Rogers leading songs on pages 82t, 87, and 155. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 176 (t? b?), 143, 448b; Jeanette Tyner 124, 45t. The memorial lesson was given at this time by Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers. Ruth Brown spoke of her visit to the rest home to see Clelon Cobb, and others who need our cards, visits, and prayers. “We must so live”, she said, “that when our time comes, just be ready. The Bible says ‘to make a joyful noise unto the Lord’, and we do that almost every Sunday when we sing these songs. Everyone here is touched in some way by one of these deceased we are singing for today.” The following were remembered: Vena Holley, Hazel Cagle, Lois Matthews (mother of Louise Nelson), Grace Morrison, Lily Murphy, Arthur Beckett, LeRoy McGraw, and Norman Shadinger. Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers led songs on pages 285t, 339, and 122 for the deceased, and the memorial was closed with prayer by Mary Florence Smith. Leaders: Velma Richardson 336, 36b; Evelyn Harris 87, 49t; Shelton Williamson 300; Carolyn Berry 147t, 507; Lou Cotney 218, 196, 497, 40; Miranel Swafford and Hester Edwards 348b (in memory of Gilbert Pope, father of Miranel Swafford), 274t, 49b; Rosa Hughes 177. Lonnie Rogers led song on page 108t for the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Billy J. Harris.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Billy J. Harris; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.