Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rivanna River All-Day Singing

Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 8th annual Rivanna River Singing was called to order at the Charlottesville Friends Meeting House at 10:00 a.m. by Tom Clay leading 150. Chaplain Hank Schutz offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John Alexander; Vice Chairman—Hank Schutz; Secretary—Frances Schutz; Treasurer—Judy Cahill; Arranging Committee—Tom Hill.

Leaders: John Alexander 421; Diane Ober 117; JoAnn Dalley 154; Frances Schutz 155; Hank Schutz 106; Les Updike 373; Dana Pauley 40; Judy Clay 268; Stephen McMaster 77b; Sue Hanson 82t; John delRe 83t; Zoe Clay 148; Lois Badey 81 (t? b?); Richard Green 178; Kelly Macklin 391; Tom Hill 107; Susan Green 29t; Rebecca Green 163b; Leyland delRe 134.


The singing resumed with Tom Clay leading 168. Leaders: John Alexander 86; Diane Ober 142; JoAnn Dalley 49t; Frances Schutz 335; Hank Schutz 49b; Les Updike 401; Dana Pauley 284; Judy Clay 384; Stephen McMaster 466; Sue Hanson 280; David Carlton 332; John delRe 78; Zoe Clay 274t; Lois Badey 143; Richard Green 99; Kelly Macklin 545; Tom Hill 503; Susan Green 474; Rebecca Green 32t; Leyland delRe 278b; Tom Clay 377; John Alexander 317b. Chaplain Hank Schutz gave the blessing, and the class adjourned for lunch.


The singing resumed with Zoe Clay leading 344. Leaders: Diane Ober 71; Frances Schutz 31t; Hank Schutz 481; Dana Pauley 112; Judy Clay 146; Stephen McMaster 349; Sue Hanson 556; David Carlton 421; John delRe 460; Zoe Clay 455; Lois Badey 110; Richard Green 299; Kelly Macklin 408; Susan Green 551; Rebecca Green 34b; Leyland delRe 361; Tom Clay 313b; John Alexander 312b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Tom Clay, who led 50t in memory of the deceased and in honor of the sick and shut-ins. The sick and shut-ins remembered were Joyce Baldacci and Lucy Kramp. The deceased remembered were Jerry Enright—Illinois; Al Wiedorn—Florida; Marguerite Yung—Connecticut; Cecelia VandeLoo, Frances VandeLoo, and George Seiler—New York; Dan Macklin—Virginia; and Ian Krieg.

The class resumed singing with Bev Yaeger leading 351. Leaders: Diane Ober 495; Les Updike 181; Frances Schutz 141; Hank Schutz 523; Judy Clay 236; Stephen McMaster 269; Sue Hanson 515; David Carlton 496; John delRe 370; Zoe Clay 354b; Dana Pauley 276; Lois Badey 347; Richard Green 350; Rebecca Green 497; Leyland delRe 26; Tom Clay 566; John Alexander 76b.

After thanks to those who prepared and served for the singing, and announcements, Hank Schutz offered the closing prayer. John Alexander led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—John Alexander; Vice Chairman—Hank Schutz; Secretary—Frances Schutz