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D. H. Mansfield Bicentennial Singing

1840 Old Town House, Union, Maine

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aldo Ceresa welcomed singers to the Bicentennial celebration of D.H. Mansfield’s tunebook, The American Vocalist. This singing was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, as well as a new four-shape edition of Mansfield’s book edited for this event.

The first session was held from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Aldo Ceresa called the class to order leading 155. Joanne Fuller offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Peter Golden 142; Sumner Roberts 287; Ian Quinn 183; Willis McCumber 210; Paul Clazing 86; Bobbie Goodell 473; Dean Jens 200; Chuck Crawford 38b; Jeremy Galvagni 300; Elizabeth Stoddard 440; Mary Skidmore 186; Rachel Speer 222; John delRe 78; Chris Noren 276; Somen Goodman 168; Leonard Spencer 260; Scott Luscombe 532; Pat Callahan 49b; Corrone Bryant 524; Joanne Fuller 171; Carole Dempsey 180; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilobosian 278t; Linda Shea 448b; Karen Keller 348t; Deidra Montgomery 216. Corrone Bryant offered the blessing for the meal.


Chris Holley called the class to order leading 40. Aldo Ceresa gave a short introduction to the American Vocalist and led 33b (AV), 6 (AV), 39t (AV), and 81t (AV).

Leaders: Alex Jones 64 (AV); Corrone Bryant 7t (AV); Barbara Swetman 79b (AV); Kelly Macklin 2t (AV); Liz Cantrell 47b (AV); Ken Sundberg and Thomas Sundberg 26t (AV); Pleasance Crawford 32 (AV); Terry Ryan 78t (AV); Willis McCumber 19 (AV); John delRe 38 (AV); Chris Noren 53 (AV); Sumner Roberts 70t (AV); Jeremy Galvagni 45b (AV); Joanne Fuller 58b (AV); Peter Golden 21 (AV).


Chris Noren called the class to order leading 63 (AV). Leaders: Carole Dempsey 51 (AV); Deidra Montgomery 16 (AV); Scott Luscombe 4 (AV); Aldo Ceresa 8 (AV); Ian Quinn 59 (AV); Pat Callahan 66 (AV); Bobbie Goodell 46 (AV); Leonard Spencer 34 (AV); Elizabeth Stoddard 20 (AV); Linda Shea 81b (AV); Liz Cantrell 107; Ken Sundberg 39b (AV); Pleasance Crawford 45t (AV).

Aldo Ceresa led 42 (AV) as the closing song. Corrone Bryant offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Aldo Ceresa; Secretary—Peter Golden