Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Ithaca, New York

October 18-19, 1996

The eighth annual New York State Convention was called to order on Friday evening by Dan Brittain leading song on page 32 (t? b?). George Seiler led the opening prayer. Eric Bean then led song on page 285 (t? b?), and welcomed everyone to the convention. Leaders: Paula McGray 73b; Dennis Leipold 48 (t? b?); Gina Balestracci 72b; Guy Bankes 481; Betty Hanf 479; Walter Hartley 151; Judy Hauff 542; Richard Schmeidler 474; Donna Abrahams 430; Diane Mennella 448 (t? b?); Kat Kinkade 134; Roland Hutchinson 358; Bruce Randall 181; Allen Fannin 68b; Ginnie Ely 328; Dan Hertzler 475; Barbara Swetman 383; Tim Wheeler 547; George Seiler 480; Doron Henkin 504; Paul Gauthier 228; Jean Seiler 492; Bob Parr 391.


The class reassembled with Eric Bean leading song on page 114. Leaders: Karen Snowberg 99; Dan Brittain 458; Janet Shipman 198; Susan Bingham 147t; Howard Katz 56b; Harriet Carter 569b; Ron Bornick 84; Laura Densmore 86; Hal Kunkel 113; Scott Luscombe 497; Margaret Bornick 313b; Anne Kazlauskas 29b; Kat Kinkade 372; Bill Stephens 384; Judy Hauff 550; Paula McGray 543; Eric Bean 294. The closing prayer was given by Jean Seiler.

Saturday, October 19

The class reassembled with Roland Hutchinson leading song on page 28t. Eric Bean began the singing school by leading song on page 34b. The opening prayer was given by Jean Seiler. Eric Bean then led songs on pages 324, 49t, 49b, 48b, and 122.


Eric Bean continued the singing school by leading song on page 146. Leaders: Ginnie Ely and Paula McGray 68b; Doron Henkin 203; Gina Balestracci 358; Roland Hutchinson 452; Dan Brittain 385b, 209, 313b; Paula McGray 39t, 448t, 504, 48b; Ginnie Ely 446.


The afternoon session was called together with Eric Bean leading song on page 171. Leaders: Bruce Randall 189; Tim Wheeler 377; Henry Goodhue 66; Mitzie Collins 106; Linda Delfs 110; Ginny Huszagh 142; Lucy Goodhue 481; Kathy Forrest 178; Janet Shipman 344; Eliza Goodhue 504; Ron Bornick 155; Gina Balestracci 176 (t? b?); Guy Bankes 120; Paul Gauthier 30b; Bob Parr 50 (t? b?); Kat Kinkade 214; Allen Fannin 573; Judy Hauff 282; Dan Hertzler 143; Walter Hartley 146; Donna Abrahams 28t.


The class was brought together for the memorial lesson by Eric Bean leading song on page 452. Judy Hauff spoke about the meaning of the memorial lesson in the context of the Sacred Harp community and read the names of the deceased. Jean Seiler then led song on page 163b in remembrance of Johnnie Sue Beasley, Hazel Cagle, and Dewey Williams of Alabama; Agnes Scorgie of Colorado; Martha Killonen of Maine; Louise Yates of Maryland; Donald Derivan, George Kiel, Carmen Lewis, Heidi Van Voorhis, and Sarah and Jennifer of New York; Ruth Fansler and Bob Siegal of Pennsylvania; and Mary Sainsbury and Chris Whiting of England. Judy Hauff read the names of the sick and shut-in, and Tim Wheeler led song on page 216 for: Phil Shea, Tony DeFusco, Mary Horst, Antoinette Swetman, Bob Scorgie, Helen Snowberg, Crystal Van Horn, Hugh Anderson, and Michael Kaye. George Seiler closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Ginnie Ely leading song on page 196. Leaders: Dennis Leipold 232; Laura Densmore 228; Susan Bingham 198; Roland Hutchinson 524. Donna Abrahams made a presentation (the “Golden Apple” Award) to Ginny Huszagh for meritorius service (of the food variety) for all eight years of the convention who then led song on page 180. Leaders: Hal Kunkel 392; Margaret Bornick 472; Scott Luscombe 195; Anne Kazlauskas 207; Jean Seiler 299; Harriet Carter 268.


Eric Bean brought the class together leading song on page 46. A count by state was taken: Illinois—1; New Hampshire—1; New Jersey—5; New York—38; Pennsylvania—10; Massachusetts—11; Virginia—1; Vermont—1. A count was also taken of those who were attending the New York State Convention for their eighth year: 9; for their first year: 13. Leaders: Diane Mennella 200; Betty Hanf 148; Bill Stephens 30 (t? b?); Richard Schmeidler 254; Karen Snowberg 218; George Seiler 183; Howard Katz 31 (t? b?); Paula McGray 286; Doron Henkin 220; Dan Brittain 376; Barbara Swetman 353. Announcements were made of upcoming singings. Jean Seiler gave the blessing.


Eric Bean brought the evening class together by leading song on page 45 (t? b?). A portion of the class was then devoted to singing new songs. Leaders: Gina Balestracci “Effingham” (Billings?); Roland Hutchinson “Paria” (Billings?); Hal Kunkel “Augsburg” (Kunkel); Doron Henkin “Praise” (Henkin); Dan Brittain “Self-Examination” (Brittain), “Ohio” (Brittain); Richard Schmeidler “Hallelujah New” (Hutchinson); Eric Bean “Ten Thousand Charms” (Kunkel). The class continued with Nancy Crawford and Ginnie Ely leading song on page 551. Leaders: Bruce Randall 273; Henry Goodhue 474; Guy Bankes 236; Susan Bingham 159; Betty Hanf 47b.


The class resumed with Eric Bean leading song on page 192. The Resolutions Committee of Donna Abrahams and Kathy Forrest then thanked all those involved with the various aspects of the convention and led song on page 212. Leaders: Anne Kazlauskas 211; Paul Gauthier 82 (t? b?); Pierre Gingerich 312b; Bob Parr 208; Kat Kinkade 163 (t? b?); Karen Snowberg 532; Judy Hauff 245; Ginnie Ely 454; Dan Hertzler 278 (t? b?); Jean Seiler 217; Howard Katz 347; George Seiler 186; Diane Mennella 488; Mitzie Collins 277; Paula McGray 156. Eric Bean led song on page 62, and those who wished took the parting hand. Jean Seiler then closed the convention with prayer.