Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley, California

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 6th annual Golden Gate Singing was held at the Finnish Brotherhood Hall in Berkeley, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. The class was brought to order by Susan Fetcho leading 171. Jim Friedrich offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Betty Marvin 47t; Will Fitzgerald 229; Linda Booth 503; Lauren Stewart 300; Bob Brylawski 122; Jessica Hahl 81t; Graham Waldon 163b; Jenny Jensen 448t.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Rebecca Edwards; Vice Chairperson—Hal Eisen; Secretary—Terry Barber. The following appointments were made: Arranging Committee—Mark Miller; Treasurer—Jeremy Knight; Resolutions Committee—Ian Quinn and David Fetcho.

Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 406; Hal Eisen 32t; Jeanette Nelson 299; Solomon Ossa 328; Carolyn Deacy 485; Gordon Rees 306; Tammy Heinsohn 155.


The class was brought back to order by Caroline Bonnet leading 38b. Leaders: David Fetcho 172; Cindy Overmyer 275t; Ian Quinn 163t; Gretchen Muller 114; Jerry Schreiber 362; Jeremy Knight 454; Betsy Jeronen 564; Terry Moore 99; Carmen Doerge 76b (dedicated to all veterans to thank them for their service, and in particular the veterans in attendance from the Veterans Home of California in Yountville); Carla Smith 132; Tom Ayres 260; Caroline Bonnet 496; George Seiler 480; Linda Selph 456.


Erika Wilson brought the class back together by leading 515. Leaders: Jim Friedrich 361; Janet Herman 110; Chris Thorman 475; Jeff Begley 48t; Natalia Cecire 200; Dominic Ziegler 448b; Durward Rackleff 159; Alan Shore 268; Shelley Phillips 58; Mark Miller 368; Terry Barber 396; Greg Freemon 376; Gretchen Wegner 106. Jim Friedrich offered the prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Inder Khalsa leading 105. Leaders: Janet Herman 192; Jerry Schreiber 538; Jean Seiler 217; Solomon Ossa 324; Inder Khalsa 442; Erika Wilson 542; Ian Quinn 183; Jeannette Lee 282; Jill Accetta 383; Shelby Sampson 350; Will Fitzgerald 287; Rachel Eley 344; Susan Fetcho 474; Bethany Bylsma 47b; George Seiler 347; Polly Moore and Marsha Genensky 288; Peter Ross 66; Carla Smith 417.


The class was brought back together by Jessica Hahl and Solomon Ossa leading 82t. Leaders: Jeanette Nelson 472; Shelley Phillips 547 (for Barbara Davis); Betsy Jeronen 112; April Haley 209; Ruth Gorrin 178; Gordon Rees 539; Carolyn Deacy 29t; Paul Brooks 160 (t? b?); Rebecca Edwards 527; David Fetcho 377; Linda Booth 198; Jessica Hahl 59; Eli Wise 45t; Jenny Jensen 446; Robert Katz 147 (t? b?); Lauren Stewart 142; Jean Seiler 315; Betty Marvin 266.

A business meeting was held, and the secretary and arranging committee gave their reports as follows: 128 people attended from 9 states, including 59 leaders who led a total of 84 songs; the Resolutions Committee thanked all who made the singing possible.

Announcements were made. Rebecca Edwards, Hal Eisen, and Terry Barber led 62 as the closing song. Jim Friedrich offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Rebecca Edwards; Vice Chairman—Hal Eisen; Secretary—Terry Barber