Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention

The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 10-11, 2010

Saturday, April 10

The 21st session of the Potomac River Convention opened at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday before the first Sunday in April. Bev Yaeger called the class to order by leading 77b. Hal Kunkel offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Jim Strube; Vice Chairperson—Carly Goss; Treasurer—Mimi Stevens; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly.

Leaders: Jim Strube 148; Mary Ann Daly 474; Carly Goss 59; Mimi Stevens 228; Dan Hunter 564; Zachary Bullock 61; Ina Shea 80 (t? b?); Anna Mays 192; Adrian Mariano 372; Mary Wright 290; Tim Slattery 344; Bethany Towne 322; Mary Langley 500; Kelly Macklin 545; Brady family 77t; John del Re 165; John Hewes 198; Hal Kunkel 179; Joni Seidenstein 481.


Becky Wright called the class back together by leading 37b. Leaders: Jim Glaser 137; Pat Temple 373; Cheryll Mitchell 479; Clare Chapin 86; Leyland del Re 32t; Howard Frost 318; Sam Kleinman 89; Beth Reed 547; Becky Wright 153; Leyland del Re 284 (for Frank Evans); Mel Novner 506; Mary DeNys 108b; Gillie Campbell 68b; Sue Hanson 142; Greg Carroll 276; Terry Ryan 473; Barbara Barry 159; Rachel Hall 39t.


Zachary Bullock brought the class back to order leading 101t. Leaders: Martha Burns 147t; Kyle Greenlee 236; Ray Milefsky 87; Rosemary Greenaway 171; Kent Beck 441; Nicholas Schliapin 277; Guy Bankes 287; Brady and Clegg families 294; Bev Yaeger 351; Mary Ann Daly 358; Carly Goss 274t; Jim Strube 354t; Mimi Stevens 128; Dan Hunter 156.


Hal Kunkel called the class back to order leading 145t. Leaders: Zachary Bullock 73t; Ina Shea 548; Anna Mays 110; Adrian Mariano 296; Mary Wright 114; Tim Slattery 415; John del Re and Joanie Blanton 203; Bethany Towne 208; Mary Langley 269; Kelly Macklin 195; Jim Glaser 569t. After some announcements, Jim Strube closed the session by leading 155. Pat Temple offered a blessing.


After some singing from the Missouri Harmony brought by John del Re, Tim Slattery opened the New Traditions session. Leaders: Terry Ryan “Harvest Hymn”; Mary Ann Daly “Roby,” “Forty-Sixth”; Rachel Hall, “Fresh and Green”; Mimi Stevens “Refreshment,” “Arbour Hill”; Nicholas Schliapin “Life,” “Elijah”; Tim Slattery “Willard”; Mary Ann Daly “Mount Watson”; Mimi Stevens “Ogontz,” “Cyrus”; John del Re 172 , 58, 69 (MH); Robin Betz 323t.

Sunday, April 11

The Sunday session of the Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Jim Strube leading 66. Hal Kunkel offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Mary Ann Daly 85; Mimi Stevens 546; Ted Stokes 48t; Terry Ryan 480; Fay Bresler 86; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 70t; Barbara Hohenstein 415; Walter Hartley 159; Mary Wright 328; Marty DeNys 99; Cindy Wasson 217; Jon Giles 216; Barbara Barry 319; Rachel Hall 191; Hal Kunkel 362; Pat Temple 567; Mel Novner 384; Becky Wright 447; Tim Culbertson 442; Abby Minor 40; Joel Miller 47b; Nora Dunn 139.


Tom Tucker called the class back to order by leading 100. Leaders: Jim Glaser 396; Sue Hansen 280; Guy Bankes 556, 254 (for Gillie Campbell); Kevin Moreno 276; Rachel Speer 284; Kent Beck 30t; Steven Sabol 278b; Dean Jens 278t; Clare Chapin 503; Sam Kleinman 339; Mary DeNys 229; John Hewes 497; Joni Seidenstein (no number reported); Ray Milefsky 178; Leyland del Re 402; Hal Eisen 550; Susan Green 551.

Ina Shea conducted the memorial lesson. After a moment of silent meditation on the thought, “We don’t know if we’ll be on these lists next year, or if anyone here will be,” she read the following list of sick and shut-ins: Paul Wright, George Seiler, Dan Brittain, Karen Keller, Skip Trout, Beulah Bresler, Al Wiedorn, and Jonathan Hunter-Kilmer. She led 32b.

The following list of deceased was read: Nancy Katzen, Daniel Macklin, Sandra Goss, Severine Langelan, Carol Porter, West Virginia coal miners, Craig Johnson, Victoria Bolles, Ellen Hill, Marguerite Young, and Irene Wiberg. Referring to the Book of Genesis, she said, “Let them be lights,” and led 512 in their memory. Kelly Macklin closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Kathy Manning 444; Dan Hunter 436; Kelly Macklin 174; Adrian Mariano 419; Bethany Towne 144. Pat Temple offered a prayer before the noon meal.


Leyland del Re began the afternoon session by leading 176t. Leaders: Oliver Kindig-Stokes 418; Anna Mays 336; John del Re 460; Ina Shea 500; Zach Bullock 288; Becky Wright 558; Marty DeNys 454; Barbara Hohenstein 77b; Terry Ryan 240; Rosemary Greenaway 475; Kevin Moreno 315 (for Frank Evans); Tim Slattery 171; Dan Hunter 302; Bethany Towne 314; Kelly Macklin 433; Rosemary Greenaway 146.


Jim Strube called the class back together by leading 209. Leaders: Guy Bankes 459; Cindy Wasson 411; Walter Hartley 347; Joni Seidenstein 182; Hal Eisen 425; Rachel Speer 377; Jon Giles 208; Abby Minor 162; Hal Kunkel 422; Leyland del Re 298; Tim Culbertson 522; Laura Clawson 542; Mel Novner 300; Dean Jens 269; Rachel Hall 163t; Kevin Moreno 218; Mary DeNys 285t; Sam Kleinman 122; Sue Hanson 452; Kathy Manning 260; Steven Sabol 142; Pat Temple 33t; John Hewes 304; Clare Chapin 484.

The Chairman called for committee reports. Leyland del Re offered the Resolutions report. The Finance Committee reported that expense had been met.

Jim Strube led 62 as the closing song. Guy Bankes offered the benediction, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jim Strube; Vice Chairperson—Carly Goss; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly