Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cincinnati New Year’s Day Singing

Cincinnati, Ohio

Friday, January 1, 2010

The 18th annual Cincinnati New Year’s Day Singing was held at Community Friends Meetinghouse. Song selections are from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition. The class was called to order by Karen Arnett leading 34b. Eloise Clark offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady—Karen Arnett; Arranging Committee—John Bealle; Secretaries—Eloise Clark and Jim Coppock.

Leaders: John Bealle 32t; Ed Walton 49t; Sheryl Pockrose 565; Jubal Bayer 48t; Eloise Clark 198; Christine Cox 163t; Bill Shetter 551; Ray Rechenberg 480; Marky Aden 85; Nada Gorman 479; Debbie Hall 192; Joan Redd 385b; Hans Bayer 47b; Ann Holzer 373; Linda Coppock 71; Jim Coppock 181; Randy Webber “Milan”, Laurel Cornell 143.


Karen Arnett called the class back together by leading 36b. Leaders: Rich Kern 175; Steve Angel 49b; Cecilia Kramer 383; Bob French 223; Mike Harris 42; Darcy Stebbins 30t; Kay Huener 474; Darrell Swarens 72b; Ann Missavage 312b; Lorraine Bayer 274t; Jo Schulz 350; Bob Meek 574 (CB); Beth Huener 547; John Bayer 29t; John Bealle 269 (for David Rust); John Bealle 344 (for Eddie Mash). Joan Redd offered a prayer for the noon meal.


Karen Arnett called the afternoon session to order by leading 448b. Leaders: Christine Cox 107t (CB); Bob French 496; Nathan Coppock 159; Carol Medlicott 556; Bill Shetter 96 (CB); Laurel Cornell 149; Jo Schulz 297; Bob Meek 571 (CB); Darrell Swarens 505 (CB); Beth Huener and Kay Huener 178 (in memory of their mother); Jubal Bayer 31t; Michael Domino 208; John Bayer 300; Mike Harris 284; Ann Missavage 157; Bob French 245; Steve Angel 63; Michelle Cull and Annaliza Cull 146.


Karen Arnett brought the class together leading 31b. Leaders: Randy Webber 162; Bob Cull and Annaliza Cull 503; Brenda Waters and Annaliza Cull 515; Ann Holzer 455; Cecilia Kramer 86; Rich Overturf 523; Ray Rechenberg 499; Debbie Hall 189; Joan Redd 313b; Linda Coppock 532; Marky Aden 89; Darcy Stebbins 314; Jim Coppock 186; Carol Medlicott 117; Michael Domino 173; Nathan Coppock 122; Michelle Cull and 2 visitors 73t.

Following announcements, Karen Arnett led 347 as the closing song. Nathan Coppock dismissed the class with silent prayer.

Chairlady—Karen Arnett; Secretaries—Eloise Clark and Jim Coppock