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James River Convention

Historic St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The 18th annual James River Convention was held on the Saturday before the second Sunday in November in the parish hall of Historic St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. The class was welcomed by Stephen McMaster leading 77b. The opening prayer was offered by Don Polaski.

Leaders: Bev Yaeger 28b; Mary Wright 35; Lois Badey 335.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Bev Yaeger; Vice Chairman—Sandra Polaski; Treasurer—Lois Badey; Secretary—Mary Wright; Arranging Committee—Mary Ann Daly.

The class resumed singing with Bev Yaeger leading 203. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 545; Tom Clay 235; Leslie Booher 155; Frank DeBolt 569b; Lynda Hambourger 112; Marty DeNys 99; Leyland delRe 327; Jim Glaser 352; Clare Maher 65; John Alexander 312b; Kathy Manning 212; Mary Langley 539; John delRe 160b; Cathy Tucker 454; John Fedderson 163b; Mary Ann Daly 430; Tim Slattery 344; Kathy Kaiser 368; Jim Strube 148.


The class was brought back to order. Leaders: Stephen McMaster 282; Pat Temple 33t; Mary DeNys 72b; Nancy Lee Newell 300; Nate Mathews 29b; Don Polaski 269; Craig Baughan 122; Frank Evans 64; Sheila Nugent 240; Mary Wright 105; Lois Badey 42; Frank DeBolt 49b; Kelly Macklin 498; Jim Strube 216.

Tom Clay conducted the memorial lesson. The following deceased were remembered: Margaret Wayt DeBolt—Georgia; John O’Hara, A.S. Terry, Mary Earle Berger and Mary Rose Rafer—North Carolina; Marty and Cathy Zarell—New York; Kathleen Berry—Indiana; Marion Hatchett—Tennessee; Dr. Margaret Abernathy—Virginia. The sick and shut-ins honored were Henry Bizzell, Jim North, Dan Macklin, Hank Schutz, and Kevin Moreno.

Leaders: Leyland delRe 98; Marty DeNys 147t; Leslie Booher 81t; Jim Glaser 80t; Lynda Hambourger 448t; John Alexander 179; Mary Langley 87; John Fedderson 528; Clare Maher 209. Don Polaski offered thanks for the noon meal.


John Fedderson called the afternoon session together by leading 130. Leaders: John delRe 354t; Kathy Manning 403; Mary DeNys (?); Nate Mathews 294; Kathy Kaiser 501; Tim Slattery 228; Sandra Polaski 84; Cathy Tucker 192; Don Polaski 198; Mary Ann Daly 108b; Craig Baughan 347; Nancy Lee Newell 146; Frank Evans 229; Pat Temple 473; Sheila Nugent 136; Tom Clay 328; Bev Yaeger 142; Stephen McMaster 268; Frank DeBolt 503; Leslie Booher 535; Sandra Hack Polaski 446; Clare Maher 38b; Jim Strube 38t; Lynda Hambourger 74b; Jim Glaser 369t; Nancy Lee Newell 159; Marty DeNys 299; Kelly Macklin 187.


John delRe called the class back to order by leading 141. Leaders: Mary Wright 108t; John Alexander 401; Mary Langley 319; Tim Slattery 171; Mary DeNys 47b; Nate Mathews 338; Sheila Nugent 440; Craig Baughan 178; Pat Temple 168.

Leyland delRe thanked all who had a part in putting on the convention and all who participated. Bev Yaeger led 62 as the closing song, and a prayer of dismissal by Don Polaski concluded the convention. The James River Convention will meet next year on the Saturday before the second Sunday in November, November 13, 2010.

Chairman—Bev Yaeger; Vice Chairman—Sandra Hack Polaski; Secretary—Mary Wright