Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Andrew’s Chapel Singing

Andrew’s Chapel/Schoolhouse, Upson County, Georgia

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Andrew’s Chapel Sacred Harp singing was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Oscar McGuire leading 34b. Wayne Watson offered the opening prayer. Oscar McGuire led 171.

In a business session the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman-Oscar McGuire; Secretary-Mary Brownlee; Arranging Committee-Bentley McGuire and Mary Brownlee.

Leaders: Lela Crowder 131b; Michael Walker 213t; Bentley McGuire 95; Wayne Watson 49b; Mary Brownlee 350; Jack Nelson 513; Sandra Wilkinson 512; John Hollingsworth 186; Judy Chambless 142; John Plunkett 94; Charlene Wallace 139; David Grant 85; Robert Kelley 104.


Bentley McGuire called the class back together by leading 138t. Leaders: Malinda Snow 287; Jane Spencer 454; Tom Clay 547; Billy Hollingsworth 71; Robert Chambless 84; Erica Hinton 270; Martha Harrell 569b; Lauren Harrison 178; Mike Spencer 86; Rosemund Watson 503; Dave Richardson 492; Zoe Clay 168.


During the afternoon session, song selections were leader’s choice from the Georgian Harmony and The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Oscar McGuire opened the session by leading 45t. Leaders: Lela Crowder 374; Michael Walker 275t; Bentley McGuire 316; Wayne Watson 47b; Mary Brownlee 540; Jack Nelson 504; Sandra Wilkinson 125; Sharon Hamrick 276; Judy Chambless 129; Raymond Hamrick 94 (GH), 8 (GH); John Plunkett 54 (GH); Charlene Wallace 347; David Grant 390; Robert Kelley 25 (GH); Malinda Snow 59 (GH); Jane Spencer 26 (GH); Tom Clay 11 (GH); Billy Hollingsworth 14 (GH).

Oscar McGuire conducted the memorial lesson. He led 48 (GH) for the Futral Family, Richard Johnson, and Wesley Haley, and in memory of Janice Hughes’s mother.


The class was brought back together by Bentley McGuire leading 87 (GH). Leaders: John Hollingsworth 18 (GH); Erica Hinton 66 (GH); Mike Spencer 9 (GH); Zoe Clay 76 (GH); Dave Richardson 95 (GH); Rosemund Watson 33 (GH); Bentley McGuire 20 (GH); John Plunkett 16 (GH).

Oscar McGuire led 21b (GH) as the closing song. Hugh McGraw dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Oscar McGuire; Secretary—Mary Brownlee