Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Columbia Singing

Dripping Spring Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The 15th annual Columbia Singing was held at the Dripping Spring Christian Church on Saturday before the second Sunday in October. Cherry Hinderberger called the class to order leading 34b. Lou Kujawinski offered an opening prayer.

The class was organized with the following officers and committees elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Cherry Hinderberger; Secretaries—Cindy Stone and Gayle Von Engeln; Chaplains—Lou Kujawinski and Tim Von Engeln; Arranging Committee—Penny Kujawinski; Finance Committee—Pattie Doss.

Leaders: Wendy Hofmann 39t; Carla Bermudez and Steve Bermudez 59; Cindy Pepmiller 547; Alexis Bermudez 457; Pattie Doss 285t (in memory of her brother, Owen Doss); Meg Stauffer 29t; Annie Grieshop 168; Tim Von Engeln 89 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 473; Cindy Stone 371 (dedicated to the peacemakers quickened by the Heavenly Dove); Shirley Figura 47t; Sandy Falloon 105; Paul Figura 268 (in memory of Bill Ellason); Anita Buswell 319; Dan Britain 377; Presley Barker and Melody Von Engeln 178.


Presley Barker called the class to order leading 142. Leaders: Roberta Strauss 480; Gayle Von Engeln 107; Becky Browne 344; Ryan Wheeler “Vanessa” (dedicated to his wife in honor of their 6th wedding anniversary); Dave Ressler 171; Bonnie Davis 210; Joan Aldridge 222; David Lloyd 68t; James Page “North Montpelier”; Gary Gronau 175 (MH); Lori Graber 472; Anne Drexler 277; Penny Kujawinski and Dee Worley 77t; Charlie Derleth 28b (in memory of Jeanette Lowry). Tim Von Engeln offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Lou Kujawinski called class back to order leading 385t. Leaders: Wendy Hofmann 430; Carla Bermudez and Steve Bermudez 332; Annie Grieshop 160 (MH); Cindy Pepmiller 159; Pattie Doss 532; Presley Barker 28t; Ryan Wheeler 29 (MH); Melody Von Engeln 138 (MH); David Lloyd 56b; Becky Browne 75 (MH); Anita Buswell 87; Paul Figura 127 (MH); Roberta Strauss 384; Dan Brittain 125 (MH); Charlie Derleth 348b; Lori Graber 296.


Cherry Hinderberger called class back to order leading 106. Leaders: James Page 170 (MH); Bonnie Davis 276; Anne Drexler 313b; Joan Aldridge 270; Dave Ressler 77 (MH); Peggy Baum 112; Lou Kujawinski 350; Penny Kujawinski 500 (in memory of Jean Morris, mother of Cindy Pepmiller); Ryan Wheeler 149 (MH); Pattie Doss 76b; Annie Grieshop 318; Dan Brittain 417; Melody Von Engeln 163b; Dave Ressler 218; Charlie Derleth 68b; Presley Barker 300.

Cherry Hinderberger thanked everyone for coming and announcements were made. Cherry Hinderberger led 347 as the closing song, while those who wished took the parting hand. She offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Cherry Hinderberger; Secretaries—Cindy Stone and Gayle Von Engeln