Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tom Malone Farewell Singing

Faith Lutheran Church, Okemos, Michigan

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bob Borcherding opened the Tom Malone Farewell Singing leading 28b. Pastor Jim Wenger of Faith Lutheran Church led 63 and offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Will Fitzgerald 130; Ann Missavage 157; Tom Malone 318; Sarah Trumbore 154; David Stowe 178; Mary List 143; Peter Trumbore 300; Peggy Mistak 496; Nate Zweig 497; Cecelia Kramer 34b; Bob Sullivan and Peggy Mistak 503; Charlotte Wolfe 99; Bill Beverly 547.


Bob Borcherding called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Idy Kiser 385b; David Carlton 376; Marian Mitchell 198; Jeremy York 66; Susan Kendall 49b; Jo Schultz 565; Samuel Sommers and Laurie Sommers 112: Bess Fitzgerald 40; Ann Miczulski 101t; Pat Forsberg Smith 146; Jen LaCluyzé 189; Francesca Cassara 545; Martha Beverly 218.


Tom Malone called the class to order leading 59. Tom then told the class about his musical background and led three of his original compositions, ‘Charlotte’, ‘Schuman’ and ‘Beverly’. Leaders: Tom Malone, Jeremy York, Elisha York, and Jasper York 313t; Tom Malone and Will Fitzgerald ‘Stafford’ (using alternate words); Mary List 267; David Stowe 515; Sarah Trumbore 117; Jo Schultz 532; Nate Zweig 177; Susan Kendall 487; Bob Sullivan 45t.


Ann Missavage called the class to order leading 107. Leaders: Ann Missavage 128; Marian Mitchell 472; Peter Trumbore 39t; Charlotte Wolfe 192; Bill Beverly 86; Ruth Dolby 350; Henry Schuman 193; Cecelia Kramer 268; David Carlton 272; Martha Beverly 377; Jen LaCluyzé 84; Idy Kiser 32t; Peggy Mistak 148; Ann Miczulski 240; Pat Forsberg Smith 352.


Bob Borcherding called the class to order leading 155. The class was turned over to Tom Malone for a second set of his original compositions, ‘Resolve’, ‘Elkhart’, and ‘Farewell’. Tom was then presented with a farewell gift from the Lansing singers. Leaders: Francesca Cassara 142; Bess Fitzgerald 114; Jeremy York 369; B.J. Schnorenberg 354b; Samuel Sommers 149; Will Fitzgerald 421.

Announcements were made. Tom Malone led 521 and 347 as the closing songs. Will Fitzgerald dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bob Borcherding; Vice Chairman—Ann Missavage; Secretary—Henry Schuman