Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tom Harper and Ganus Wakefield Memorial

Old Sardis Church, County Road 17, near Lynn, Alabama

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The 50th session of the Tom Harper and Ganus Wakefield Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by Steve Miles leading 234 and 235. The morning prayer was offered by Homer Miles.

The class organized for the day by electing the same officers: Chairman—Steve Miles; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—Richard Mauldin.

Leaders: Travis Keeton 499, 82t; lIa Ingle 470 (in memory of Annie Harper), 530 (in memory of Tom Harper); Stella Pratt 39b, 75; Earl Ballinger 171, 40; Anne Chalker 146, 278t (in memory of Dick Mauldin); Betty Baccus 134, 100; Don Robertson 216, 217; Wanda Capps 298, 540.


The class resumed singing with Steve Miles leading 143. Leaders: Josie Hyde 454, 373 (in honor of Homer Miles); Faye Donaldson 225t, 430; Gravis Ballinger 34b, 112; Lisa Geist 472, 347; Allen Barnett 111b, 431; Harrison Creel 512, 498; Danny Creel 56b, 34t; Kim Williamson 59, 282; Joyce Hubbert and Jennette Tidwell 155, 438; Amanda Miles and Crystal Gober 439; Larry Ballinger 56t, 71; Richard Mauldin 77t (in memory of Amanda Denson), 312b. Ronnie Melvin made a short talk and said a prayer.


The afternoon session was called to order by Steve Miles leading 145b. Leaders: Harrison Creel 342 (by request); Amanda Miles and Crystal Gober 45t, 147t; Earl Ballinger 142; Kim Williamson 480; Kermit Adams 418, 43; Dwight Ingle 129, 63; Joyce Hubbert 277; Jennette Tidwell 163t (in memory of Ben Norris); Danny Creel 177; Anne Chalker 388; Wanda Capps 73t; Travis Keeton 300; Josie Hyde 507; Allen Barnett 38b; Thyra Horton and Betty Baccus 317; Don Robertson 151; Lisa Geist 528; Homer Miles, Crystal Gober, and Amanda Miles 68b; Steve Miles, Homer Miles, Crystal Gober and Amanda Miles sang “God Is Love” as a group; Ila Ingle and Dwight Ingle 500 (in memory of Tom Harper), 294; lIa Ingle 61 (by request); Richard Mauldin 84.

Steve Miles made an announcement that the church wishes to discontinue this singing.

Steve Miles led 37b as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Ronnie Melvin, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Steve Miles; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Josie Hyde